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  1. Flies are ready to go, all I need as your addie!!
  2. Welcome aboard Flyter 12! You've definitely found the right place!!
  3. I switched from toothpicks to rubberbands yesterday, and was amply rewarded!! Took a bit to figure out just how tight the rubberband needed to be, but it all worked like a charm and made moving back & forth between shallow and deeper water a cinch!! Thanks for the tip Switch!.
  4. Thanks for sharing some great photos!! Also, what a great blog!! It's definitely going on my list of blogs to keep up on!! Any hints as to where you caught these bad boys?
  5. Good looking fly! Where do you live?
  6. I'd recommend leaving Jolie home. Your fellow anglers will thank you!!
  7. Mine are tied and ready to go, just need an addie.
  8. Wow, I just looked at your Ebay listing and what a story you have to tell!! That must have one one heck of a day on the river!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  9. Great pics Carson!! Keep up the good work!!
  10. My shirt & hat arrived yesterday! I'm luvin both, but my wife thought I'd gotten a defective hat!! As much as it cost to ship them, I hope Will is able to make a some profit off of these purchases!!
  11. Now that's funny, I don't care who you are!!
  12. So much good stuff in one place makes my head spin!!
  13. I've been introducing my Grandson Isaac (10 years old) to fly tying and last week he tried out some of his wooly buggers on a local pond. He hooked up on a bunch of eager rainbows and I'm pretty sure he's "hooked" on flyfishing now!! One On The Bugger Fish On! One Happy Lad!
  14. Nothing sweeter than that first fish on a fly that came from your own hands!! Congrats and welcome to the club!!
  15. I got my flies today!! Great work guys!! Thanks again for hosting Evan!! U Da Man Dog!!
  16. Thanks again Evan for volunteering to be Swapmeister on this one!! It's pretty rare when a swap goes off without some kind of short setback!! In the end it's all good!!!
  17. I'd wrap it up. Ten days late and no effort to contact you, I'd say Joe is either sick, dead or maybe just a slacker!! Either way, hungry trout wait for no man!!
  18. I hope you weren't wearing one of those that got hit when the buckshot was flying!! I'll take one olive to go with my T-shirt order.
  19. its a bit hard to see but there's a 3mm bead between the abdomen & thorax. Sure enough!! Again, a great looking fly!!!
  20. Wendall Campbell, owner of Wagonwheel Sporting Goods in Burley, Idaho back in 1978. I took his 10 session fly tying course and was "hooked" in the first hour! Wendall grew up around Jackson Hole and fishedwith and/or knew & had a zillion stories about Jack Dennis, Franz Potts (Mite Series), Dan Bailey & more guys who's names escape me at the moment. Then I got aquainted with Ruhl Stayner (Stayner Ducktail) at his Twin Falls shop where he showed me how to properly tie the Ducktail and introduced me to float tubing. He also sold me my first flyrod blank and lined me out on building rods.
  21. That baby will definitely catch fish, but where is the tungsten?
  22. Now that's what I call service! Thanks Will!!
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