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  1. Welcome aboard! Great photos and both of the flies pictured are outstanding!!! Looking forward to more and to your upcoming book.
  2. I'm in for 1 Hatches XXL. What are the chances of ballcaps next year?
  3. Yes they are size 11. I got a bunch of really old mustad hooks from EBAY a couple of years ago with lots of odd sizes and numbers I've never heard of. They are still good hooks and I hope you can find a use for them. As far as fishing my damsel nymph, I fish it under an indicator on a floating line. I generally use 3-4" strips with a few second pause in between. If the damselfly nymphs are migrating the trout really go for this pattern, at least on the Sierra lakes I fish. They continue to hit it weeks after the hatch has ended. Those damsel nymphs must be pretty tasty, at least to a rainbow!!
  4. Those Sierra Bows can be aggressive, but I'd suspect your problem lies elsewhere!
  5. One dozen Frenchman's Damselfly Nymphs are tagged, bagged and heading out from the Biggest Little City tomorrow! When the damsels are migrating at Frenchman Reservoir, the rainbows really smack these nymphs!! Frenchman's Damselfly Frenchman's Rainbows Luv Green Damsels Evan, Thanks for hosting this swap!!
  6. I wouldn't go fishing without a pair of sunglasses from these guys: http://www.maxxsunglasses.com/
  7. I'm in with a #14 damselfly nymph.
  8. I've got both and honestly haven't been able to tell the difference. They are both still sharp and I wouldn't tie with anything else! I don't think you can go wrong with either choice.
  9. I'd be in if you have room for one more. Ten or twenty, either way's okay by me.
  10. Welcome to the Forum from a neighbor on the west side of the Great Basin. That is one heck of a good looking hopper!!
  11. Great tutorial on a really killer pattern and one that is ripe for customizing as you show with your list of suggestions!!
  12. That will be a killer here in the West!!
  13. Wow, that's pretty wild!! I've got a granddaughter who'd like one of those. I may be putting in my order in a couple of years!!!
  14. Anyone ever hear from Mr. Vegas? Haven't noticed any posts from him for a long,long time.
  15. Now that's something I'd pay to see!!
  16. Congrats CC!! I walked away from my cubie 3 years ago and have never regretted it once!!
  17. I'd start with a Pheasant Tail Nymph. Easy to tie, not a lot of materials required, and it is proven fish killer!!
  18. I nearly puked just thinking about it and didn't have the stomach to watch something that disgusting!! Those SOBs need to experience that same treatment!! As far as Bears Den goes, I've ordered some stuff in the past and never had any problem. Don't know what's changed??
  19. That is one great looking PT nymph!! I'm not sure I'm coordinated enough to tie one, but might give it a try!! Super video Hans !!
  20. Great photo of one happy fly tier! And that ole Thompson B is a classic!! Kind of gives you the old & new together in one shot!!
  21. Welcome aboard! What part of the PNW are you in?
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