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  1. Good luck FT14!! I'm sure you'll give em a good show!!
  2. I've been fishing the shallows of Frenchman Reservoir in the Sierras with nymphs for some nice bows. Hot flies have been Pheasant Tails, Marabou Damsels & GRHEs.
  3. Welcome aboard Jay!! This is the ultimate fly tying website!! Tons of great info and a bunch of super helpful guys & gals hangout here!! Cheers, Duane in Reno
  4. Now that my friend was sweeeettttt!!!!!!
  5. I believe the strike indicator described on the Mustad website attaches between your flyline and butt end of your leader.
  6. Well done! A deadly pattern and one of my favorites!!
  7. Flies are in the mail. Thanks for providing us this opportunity to help the best flytying website on the WWW!!! Go Beavs!!!
  8. Alright Steve!!! Not many things are harder than quiting which makes it soooo much sweeter when it finally sticks!!!!!!
  9. Man-O-Man, that looks like fun!! Thanks for a great report and super pics!!! Not many snook here in the Great Basin!!
  10. bigdewy

    Old Friends

    Dang, No gar here in the Silver State. That is one nasty looking fish!!!
  11. Man, our wives must have been sisters in another life. I used to guide for redfish and get the same response you did. I tried to explain that I wasn't even fishing and I was on a platform pushing a boat around with a 20 foot long push pole finding fish for other people to fish for. You know that whenever I had a charter to take out, she still would say, "oh, going fishing tomorrow, huh?". Kirk Wives, can't live with em, can't live with em!!!!
  12. My computer is her computer except at work so she would be cutting off her nose to spite her face. I mean I know I "F"'d up but jeez a large chunk of my tying stuff. Maybe we can pitch in and help you replace some of the "lost" items, assuming she is beyond the "throw it out" stage.
  13. I've never been hosed by these guys: www.midwestsupplies.com
  14. Ya, that splitting your pension in half can make you think twice about "movin on"! Too bad about the equipment; I'll bet the garbage man went home happy with HIS new toys!!! I don't know what you did to set her off, but you might want to sleep with one eye open for a few nights!!
  15. Thanks for sharing some really sweet pictures. Not many gators here in the Great Basin, so always a treat to see one "up close & personal".
  16. Ya Baby, Only thing I like more than homebrewing is fishing & flytying!!
  17. Great job Carl!! The photos and narrative really make for a super tutorial on tying the Bugger!!
  18. Beautiful pictures. Almost makes me wish I didn't live in the desert;Almost!!!
  19. bigdewy

    Prayer please

    Hang onto the memories that you and he share!!
  20. A deadly pattern wherever trout roam; Either side of the "Pond"!!
  21. Sixth Finger 4.5" Tungsten, $28 at Stockards. I've been using the stainless steel version($20) for about 2 years and they still cut like the day I got them.
  22. Congratulations Agn54!!! Enjoy your little one, time really does fly!! Our baby girl had her 32nd birthday yesterday!!
  23. That is totally incorrect. Cape feathers are selling for extensions as well for shorter hair or different effects. Well, isn't that special!!!!
  24. From one Renoite to another, welcome to the best flytying forum on the WWW!!
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