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  1. Great photos Old Hat! I love that sealion shot; Looks alot like me after a couple of tequilla shooters!!
  2. Man, those NJ fishermen have bigger cahonies than Tony Soprano!!
  3. I upped my resolution a little and that solved my problem!! Thanks Steeldrifter!!
  4. Found it - 1024 x 768 When I changed the zoom from 100% to 75% I could find everything, just can't hardly read the small font with these ole eyes.
  5. I don't know what the resolution is. Where would I look to find it? Also, I'm using Internet Explorer as my browser. Cheers, Duane
  6. Any feathers left? I'd like some if available.
  7. I've got just the opposite problem. My personal box is being covered by the ad box. The "Log In" button is completely covered by the ad, so I had a heckofatime logging in. Any fix?
  8. Received mine in the mail yesterday. Here are some pics. Will - Honey Bug PolarBear78 - WaxWorm Avril - Caddis Pupa Flytyer14 - #22 Bloodworm NJFTM - Red Rojo Midge Mr. Vegas - Pink Butt Caddis Johnny Utah - #14 No Hackle X-Caddis Horseshoe - White Grub Stanbiker - Maple Syrup Rich5665 - #16 Bloodworm Bigdewy - #14 Olive AP Nymph FishingBobNelson - #12 Clark's No Hackle Elkhair Caddis Notenuftoys - Stretch Lace Pupa
  9. Did they send you an invoice? I got an invoice for my hatband the day after I ordered it.
  10. That hatband was just too tempting, so I went ahead and ordered one on the 20th and it arrived today 4/24. Looks great on my hat!!! :yahoo:
  11. Looks like you are keeping that new Norvise busy!! All great looking flies, but that last one is outstanding!! Had me reaching for a little cocktail sauce!!! :headbang:
  12. Oh ya, it is a real kick in the $ss when one of those hogs give you a tug!! As you can tell from the first photo, you can also freeze your $ss off!!!
  13. Here is a great article written by a guy who has really paid his dues on Pyramid: http://www.trophytroutguide.com/articles/ladderfishing.htm The really great thing about Mike is that he is always willing to share his knowledge with newbies!!
  14. Thanks again for hosting this great swap NJFM!!!! :thumbup: Your #1 in my book Big Guy!!! :headbang:
  15. That is a great looking hatband! I'm tempted to order one, but I'll wait to see how flytyer166's goes first!!
  16. That my friend is one good looking fly!! :bugeyes: Thanks for the Step by Step!!! :yahoo:
  17. I hadn't heard anything about the east side being closed. When did that happen? :bugeyes:
  18. Great tying my friend & welcome to the Forum!!!
  19. Sorry to hear of your loss. I hope that you are lucky enough to find at least some of the missing items and that by some lucky stroke, the cops catch the "piece of :poop: " who stole your stuff!! There should be a special section of Hell next to the furnace for Aholes that swipe fishing gear!!!
  20. Busty Russians!!! Did somebody say something about "Busty Russians"? I've never seen anything like that here!!!! Must be your computer; Want to sell it????
  21. That's what she said!! Tony, you are a naught, naught boy!!
  22. I hope this doesn't turn you off from FTF. It sounds like you stay up on the postings, so you know what a great and generous bunch of guys & gals participate here.
  23. Alright Bob!! I saw your posting of this fly and I'm really looking forward to seeing one "up close & personal"!!
  24. NJF, Thanks for hanging in there!! My flies are tagged, bagged & headed for the PO!!!
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