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  1. Doing some small foam poppers colors TBD... C
  2. Glad they got there. Also thanks Blane for hosting the swap for riff. This has to be quite an undertaking. C
  3. Rockworm Thanks for hosting again. My set came a few days ago and they are once again awesome. I will look forward to the heads up next year as well. C
  4. All I really dropped the ball this month... I don't know where it went. Flies are tagged and ready. They will go in the mail tomorrow. Sould get there Friday or Saturday C
  5. #14 high viz parachute PMD... Should go out this week. C
  6. I got mine as well... A couple weeks ago. Very nice ties everyone.
  7. Blane You must have me confused with another swapper. My family and work issues are crazy right now, but I am planning on participating through the end of the year. On the flip side I am glad the princes got there. C
  8. Flies went into the mail yesterday. Should get there in a few days. C
  9. Mailed my flies yesterday. Hopefully they will make it by the deadline C
  10. Addy please... Hopefully they will go in the mail tomorrow, but Saturday morning at the latest. C
  11. It might not be a bad thing to tighten up the group a little and not replace PG. More people more chance of drop outs?? I was going to suggest the same thing as Piker C
  12. Everyone I posted this early in this months conversation. Unfortunately the 11th hour has turned into about 1 o'clock the next day. Flies are don and will go in the mail first thing tomorrow morning. They should be to Texas by Wednesday at the latest. I am sorry to have held up the swap by a couple of days. Looking forward to another really great set of flies. C
  13. That wiggle hex looks like it will be more than a passable wiggle damsel for those of us without gigantic mayflies in our backyard. Nice tie Riff. C
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