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  1. I see there have been some changes to the board! How do you post pics now? Thanks Much! dave P. :bugeyes:
  2. Just what you have said: tinsel and hackle. Overall profile and flow and, of course the hook! Very slick! Beautiful. Dave P.
  3. Hi Dave and Aaron: I recognize that Nicholson! Someone posted it long ago on the IFISH.NET site here on the Oregon coast. Now thats a fly..... Keep those anitques coming Aaron and Dave... Dave P.
  4. Thanks Dave! Just as I thought, Beautiful! Dave P.
  5. Hi Dave, I was pleased and intrigued to hear both of those patterns on your "to do" list! For some damn reason (I have dial-up?) your pic willnot come up for me! so all can see is the small pic. It looks splendid as usual Carne work! On the William Rufus: oddball, isnt it? I think it is deceptively simple looking thats for sure! I would sure love to see you give it a whirl...it looks like a "simple" beaut! And Dave, what did you think about the Taverner istructions for the Black Silk? One example I saw years ago was tied by "Bill Chinn" and it was amazing! He used the Taverner book! When I looked over the cryptic istructions, I thought: "Sheesh, I guess Ill give it a try in another life!" Looking forward to seeing your Rufus Lovely Work Dave P.
  6. Er-ah-thanks Martin and Goku....well...I at least got a response from you Vikings anyway! And thanks to one and all for your input. Thanks Royce for the Blacker reference. I couldnt find it. I was beginning to wonder if he forgot to put it in the instructions! (Like maybe he was thinking..."oh, just do it...!") I dont think Ive ever seen the old style demonstrated anywhere...A nicely done herl head can add a LOT to the right fly. (ref: Gokus Childers, etc, etc) If anyone finds another reference, Id appreciate a chime in! Thanks again Dave P.
  7. I've been trying to find some GOOD information on tying herl heads the OLD FASHIONED way. (ie blacker, ephemera, Goku, Martin, etc) Is there a seminar on this aspect of salmon fly tying. Seems to me this topic is seldom addressed. Help please? Dave P.
  8. Nicely Done Andreas! For in=hand, youd better believe it! If that is the Radencich photo in the background, I think I prefer your tie, albeit with one joint short. What size hook is that? Beautiful job! Always love to see the blacker flies! Dave P.
  9. Lee: Wonderfully done! What was the underwing and why the red head (which I really like!) Superb job Buddy! Dave P
  10. Hey JZ: Heres a little tip from Bill Chinn: Often after he would tie in the hackle and secure it forward, he would go back and with wet fingers (saliva) very forcefully rub the hackles back until they assumed the position! It really works. Dave P.
  11. Boy Bud: You really did it this time....! Only your flies could stand the scutiny of that HUGE blowup! Gorgeous fly and love the tinsel work, etc.. Dave P
  12. Jamie: Beautifully tied! One of my favorites and I especially like the SHORT tag! I prefer my throats tied "in the round", but you have done a super job here. Wonderful! Dave P.
  13. Hi Martin: Exceptional flies, of course. both are VERY beautiful! Always a pleasure to see your work up on here Dave P.
  14. Ive been for some time now trying to find small useable dense hackle I can RELIABLY use for body joints and butts, etc. I have problems with my hen saddle, which seems to roll when I wrap it on the body! Is there a different HEN product I need? (saddle vs hackle perhaps?) Any suggestions? Many thanks Dave P.
  15. WAY TO GO BUD!! A High and Distinct HONOR! You have well and Truely earned it! Dave :yahoo:
  16. thanks Royce! this final washing (3rd) with the toothbrush seems to be doing the job, but I cant believe it took this long to get this film out of the feathers. It was on most of the feathers. Dave
  17. Well, on the good side, I recently scored a stash of B/G Macaw tail feathers...on the other side however, after several cleanings in soapy hot water...soaking, etc...Most of the tail feathers still have a light film of a oily substance arount the stem of the feathers...never seen anything like it...Im washing them again with a toothbrush, but does anyone have any idea what this could be? Natural occurance, etc? Hmm.... Dave
  18. Great tie as always Aaron. Body looks super to me...what a super tie.... When you say PT hook, are those the hooks Creekside Anglers were selling a number of years ago? visavie Alec Jackson? Well Done indeed! Dave P
  19. Hi Aaron! Great to see you back. Thats one great looking "antiquey" looking Poyder: one of my favorite patterns, and youve don a classic job! Love the long JC in the wing and the "underslung" topping treatment. Keep the Beauties coming! Dave P.
  20. Geee Martin; I guess you have our answer now... What they said! Your style to a T... Best of luck at the auction Dave P.
  21. Mikko: Wonderful fly! Strangely enough, I like the far side better! Seems to these old eyes to show the 3 demensionality better. Superb treatment of the horns and of course, immaculate presentation. Super job! Oh, and my favorite pattern too! Dave
  22. Home Repairs? Dave, didnt you see that Tom Hanks movie "The Money Pit"? That should be enough! Wish you the Best and Hurry Back. Miss your flies and Insights! Dave
  23. :dunno: I didnt hear anything about Ron "leaving us", so, stick around....Ronn. Youve done a great Service for this and other communities Im sure! Best Wishes on your Birthday! Dave P.
  24. Great job on this stunning fly! What a herl head, and wonderful tinsel body! beautiful work! I think you HIT the target bud! Well Done indeed! Dave P.
  25. Amazing Bud, Simply Amazing!! You Always manage to come up with something Brilliant! How long did it take to tie this wonderful creation? :headbang: Dave P
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