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  1. Fantastic!!!! Thanks BFR. You can look forward to something special in your Christmas stocking this year.
  2. So I did! Sweet indeed! Now I'm a beginner! Look out, or should I say "duck"?! :yahoo:
  3. Is there room for one more? Please oh please?
  4. Rhino, I agree. It looks to be a Luna moth. Here's a shot of one from my house a few weeks ago.
  5. All your efforts and donations are greatly appreciated. Thanks to all who posted and pitched in. Flies and other donations are coming in from all over. It's a great feeling to know there are caring and generous people who are willing to help out total strangers who share common hobbies, past times and passions! Happy tying and fish ON!
  6. Hey rhino- Thanks for the reply. Yes, please anything and everything will work, they lost everything. I will send you a PM with the address. When I made this post I wasn't thinking about how to pay for the shipping of any equipment??? I have a couple of ideas, I'll include them in my PM to you. Thanks again, you rock!!!
  7. Hello All, Last week, a fire destroyed the dining cabin and owners' cabin at a fly fishing camp in King Salmon, Alaska. In the fire they lost all of their fishing equipment. So I'm posting here to see if anyone would be willing to donate any items to the camp. Especially fishing equipment, but flies are also much needed. I'm new at fly tying, so it takes me way longer to complete just one than I'm sure it takes some of you masters and gurus to tie 20. If anyone is interested, please just let me know and I will forward you the contact info. Thanks in advance for your kindness and generosity, in helping fellow fly fishermen/women. Duckydoty's friend, DDBDMC
  8. Got 'em! Very impressive! YOU GUYS ROCK! Thanks for hosting WC. Looking forward to doing it again.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcomes. I look forward to learning all I can about fly tying and of course, fly fishin with my own ties, for smallies, but lunker browns and rainbows will be just fine too.
  10. wickedcarpenter, You've got mail...down @ the post office. The parcel is probably too big for your box, duckydoty sent ya a little something extra . Thanks for hosting. I look forward to doing this again sometime soon. Have a good one! DDBDMC
  11. Hello, I'm new to fly tying. I have become acquainted with this new adventure through a very dear friend of mine. I've only just begun, and am extremely excited to develop my skills of this very intricate art form. Cannot wait to fill my Hill Bros. coffee can with midges and slump busters!!!
  12. I'm new. I have read the rules and would like to participate. I will be tutored by Ducky Doty.
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