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  1. im not sure where to post this but i imagine this seems most appropriate yesterday at Curtis lake in Garrisonville, Virginia i apparently left my fly bag with ALL of my flies in it (2000 plus) down there. my dad checked back today and he couldn't find it anywhere. im going back there again tommorow to search again. my fly bag/box thing is a green, approximitely 1 foot long by about 8 inches high rectangular. there were multiple containers some clear, 2 green opaque containers, and a single grey opaque continer containing poppers. some of the flies that were in there: a clear container containing all chenille worms, another clear contaner containing all crawdads, oine green one containing various nymphs and a few others, another container containing lots of zonkers, clouers, and a few other bunny streamers, a fairly large one containing some poorly tied dahlburgs, and lots of small minnow imitations, a small clear box of shwapfs, and a few additional boxes containing other flies of which i cannot remember right now. if anyone found it or has any info (say hearing about a friend finding it) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me. either pm me, or call me (571)-232-0920. these were ALL the flies ive ever tied minus the ones of lost to snags or fish and about the dozen scattered around my desk. thats almost ALL the flies since i started tying about 2-3 years ago. thank you for any info.
  2. id say just get some friends that hunt. you can get a pretty much limitless supply that way. also ive never had any problem spinning white deer belly hair. but then again they are always from deer my dad or his friends shot. so i dont know if the way they tan it or process it can affect it in any way...
  3. at joanne fabrics, i got a bag of 2000 gold for a dollar. try all the craft stores
  4. may i ask what they are made of? they look amazing!
  5. thanks for the advice everyone. Fred H, i already have most of those materials except the japanese legs, multiple thicknesses of foam, but i have an idea of where to get them. but where do you get porcupine quills?
  6. hello all, i've been lurking around these forums for a while and just recently got around to registering with this site. ive been tying for a couple years now and ive tied just about everything from size 14 hares ears to 2/0 dahlburg divers. i've been looking at this forum for a while and all your realistic flies look amazing!!! Some of the flies i've seen here, look MORE realistic than the real thing. and so i was hoping to try my first attempt at a realistic fly. is there any advise you can give me on how to get started? what are some of the basic necessary materials, or maybe a fairly easy realistic to start out with? thanks for any and all help.
  7. ah HA!!!! so this is the same rick as from FAOL!!!!! well it looks great Rick. be interesting to see what the fish think of the body as jointed as that.
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