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  1. They can be loose or prior to bonding glue BOND
  2. TVM - I use most often spiders Furry Foam .This perfectly imitates the body of the spider ( hairs on the surface). Best
  3. Similar to the natural - bumblebees are twice the size and other jackets .
  4. Thanks - It is very easy, you have to try. You just have to remember that you start from the wings.
  5. Thanks.Look on the net,there are many steps tying wings. Best ja
  6. Yes they're fished dry. Materials - foam,atron i etc -floating - Pb free .
  7. Thanks guys for the positive comments. There is nothing like a good old classic. Well, that someone likes
  8. Hi Bruce - thanks - for now is ok and so is to be .While the water flows are still a few trout catch. I hope that with you too ok. Good health for you and yours. j.a
  9. This nymph should be good to go at high water - Certainly, I'll try, if it is effective?
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