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  1. I mailed mine today. Should arrive by the first.
  2. Mine went in the mail a couple days ago. They should be there soon.
  3. I always use a 9 wt as well. Those big flies get heavy when wet. I use a WF- 9 Pike taper line which helps throw those flies a good distance. If you are using a 7 wt I would recommend the Bou-face flies from John Barr over the Bunny flies because they weigh considerably less when pitching them.
  4. I use junk bobbins and really wish I would spend the money on a good one!!!!!!!! :wallbash:
  5. I chose Chartreuse because I have alot of copper color flies and don't always use copper johns for that. I like the chartreuse during a yellow sally hatch or a caddis hatch or just when the water is muddy.
  6. Flies are done, please send address!
  7. HUNDIE A slang term used by the pretentious to demarkate a one hundred dollar bill. Example: I slipped the waiter a hundie and we were in like Flynn. So, when I eluded to throwing in a "hundie" for the swapmiester, I was only joking. At least I make myself laugh! :hyst:
  8. I just got back from vacation and I forgot to mail my flies before I left. So I mailed them today. Should be there Thursday.
  9. And usually you throw in a hundie for the swapmiester.
  10. Sounds Great! This fly is such a mystery, I won't know what I'm tying till I'm done!
  11. My wife conveniently took it upon herself to go through my credit card statements and add up how much I was spending on fly tying equipment/materials. That was so nice of her!
  12. "I let this guy go after I took a few pictures to remember him. " I have a great catfish recipe if you need one!!!!!
  13. This happened to me this spring. I took off my fishing vest and put it on the riverbank as I dug out a fly box from a back zipper. Moronically, I then proceeded to fish and forgot my vest there. I went back for it but it was gone. I was pretty ticked at that point. :wallbash: But then I began replacing all my stuff with stuff that I always said (If I could do this again I would do it this way). SO it ended up being a great excuse to try a new fly vest, different tools, different boxes, and of course alot more fly tying! NOW I have such a better system going that if I saw someone wearing my fly vest full of stuff, I would scoff at them and show off my now much more efficient (and not nearly as old) attire!!!!!!! :headbang:
  14. Ok then, I will do a micro-emerger.
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