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  1. I emailed Renzetti, and they do not offer a pedestal base for the Apprentise. So this takes me back to the original question. Does anyone have an idea for a pedestal base that might work with the Renzetti Apprentise vise?
  2. Sure, that makes sense. However, I looked at the item descriptions and none of them are for use with the Apprentise vise. The stem on the Apprentise is rather thick and I don't know if there are bases out there that will accomodate it. Thanks for the input.
  3. Can someone recommend a pedestal for an apprentise vise? I like the vise quite a lot, but I think I would be more comfortable with a pedestal so I can be a bit more mobile with the placement of the vise. Thanks.
  4. I have just started tying parachute flies. How do I choose the correct size hackle? I have tied a couple size 18's using size 18 dry fly hackle and they just look too small? Thanks.
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