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  1. So, is this a first person report in the guise of a peom to ward off the unwashed masses? Should I tell my wife I need to run down the cape and "check on the house"? Or is it simply verse, inspired by thoughts of what's to come in the next few weeks? Ya know, they really dig that poet stuff over at FFSW. (Nice thoughts by the way)
  2. FredA


    Good schoolie spot. Bring your 7 wgt.
  3. I've been following the adventures of Onshore here and on other sites with great interest for the past year+. As a weekend washashore in Bills neighborhood I was hoping to run into Bill at some point. As a future full time washashore Bill has provided much insight on how to spend my free time, when that time comes. It seems for better than a year now the Northeast saltwater fishing boards have been rather dead. I keep coming back because I know there might be a gem of a report or story from Onshore and a (too) few others. Fred A.
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