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  1. TroutBum12

    Slate Drake

    I think chances are good it is Leptophlebia. A very dark fly would fit with the common name Black Quill. Or else you just happened to find an odd bug of something that doesn't hatch in very great numbers. Did you check out the link above to Leptophlebia?
  2. TroutBum12

    Slate Drake

    It could be an Isonychia. Maybe not Bicolor. Never knew Isonychias to hatch this early though. I think it could also be Leptophlebia, Black Quill. Not a real common bug and I believe inhabits slower water. Hatches in early spring. Leptophlebia cupida Could your bug be missing a tail?
  3. I've always had a problem with pricing. I'm not interested in doing discount, the cheapest on the internet, flies. I want to sell quality. Good luck, hope you sell plenty! Thanks!
  4. I've always had a problem with pricing. I'm not interested in doing discount, the cheapest on the internet, flies. I want to sell quality.
  5. I like this idea too. I have thought of small boxes that have a kraft paper look on the outside. Goes with the hand made idea and gets away from plastic. I don't mind the idea of not putting more plastic out there. Enough in our environment as it is.
  6. I hadn't thought of these clamshell packages. I like the idea. Also the suggestion of including a business card, or I'm thinking, some sort of label with business information. Also the little zip lock bags would work well for nymphs and streamers although I don't really tie streamers. What do you all think would be best for soft hackles, flymphs, wet flies? The little bags would work but would something that doesn't flatten the hackle be better.
  7. Thanks to all that replied so far. I've found the boxes for trading cards in my searching and like them. The company stabgnid linked to looks good. The biggest problem with most companies that sell plastic boxes is you have to buy by the carton of maybe a few hundred or more. Not sure I'm ready to put over $100 into plastic boxes. I'm thinking of selling soft hackles and some dries maybe. Smaller size trout flies. The nice thing about soft hackles and north country spider style flies is they're easy to tie and go pretty fast. Seems lots of people are getting into using them these days. I like tying traditional trout fly patterns. Will try to get a picture or two of my flies to post. I joined this forum some years ago but haven't posted in a long time. Thanks again for the help.
  8. Hi. Maybe an odd question but, any of you that sell flies, what do you package them in? I've been searching the net for hinged plastic boxes but not easy to find in smaller quantities. I'm thinking this kind of box for dries so how about wet flies and soft hackles. Same boxes or something else. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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