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  1. stunning as ever Davie!! Long time no see...
  2. Yeah Bud, your photography sucks, nice pic though Vinnie
  3. HOLY CRAP!!! That is a beautiful tie!! Vinnie
  4. Hi Davie, What a superb collection of flies you tied. I can never tire from looking at your craftmanship and perfection. Vinnie
  5. BAD A$$ Muzzy, I am a Chatterer fanatic. Vinnie
  6. Beautiful tie Davie, the natural colors are superb and give it a very different look. Vinnie
  7. Hey Davie, Your spey's are amazing as well! Vinnie
  8. Nicely done John. One question, when you tie flies at home do you pay for your feathers? Vinnie
  9. Happy New Year to you as well Davie, What great tie, it is just awe inspiring and surpasses all the magnificent ties that preceeded it!! Vinnie
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