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  1. Hey Bob you should have received my flies by now. Let me know.
  2. Such gracious adjectives. Unusually quiet here but is there a football or hockey thing happening? I would gladly create another fly, maybe a roll call is in order to see who is actually still in.
  3. Love Zeppelin, still play the music. Every once in a while you need to have quality time. Lol
  4. Look, I'll delete my post and we should start over. I will do whatever. That is obviously the simplest solution. Rockworm whatever you say goes, I'm cool.
  5. Well maybe it was me that misunderstood? Posted Today, 11:25 AM Welcome professori and flytire. And yup- you got it right tire- evolution proceeds slowly by tiny steps. (Although I hope the swap will not be as slow as it was last year.) Now, who wants to begin this year's Evolution swap? The initial fly establishes the basic character of the flies to follow and so should be original and relatively simple. Step right up and begin this year's bloodline. But it is not my swap so I just try to follow the swap Meister. Did I get it wrong?
  6. blue fox. It's more of a grey, white and black.
  7. rockworm I can change it, if it is too far out of your idea. It would not be a problem.
  8. This is a little different from previous. if it is not suitable and you are looking for a smaller dry then let me know. I"ll start it with: wet blue fox Hook: size 8 2xl lure Thread: black Tail: 2 peacock swords Body: grey floss Rib: #8 fine braid KM (blue metallic) Underwing: golden pheasant crest wing: blue fox tail Collar : grizzly hackle head: red thread
  9. I'd be interested if there was a generous lead time. What size are we talking?
  10. Sorry been really busy trying to dig my way out of the snow in the faint belief there is a reason to buy a fishing license this year. I received my flies on the third, last Friday. They are a fantastic collection of clouser variations. Thanks agn54 for hosting. everyone did themselves proud.
  11. Sigh, still waiting. They have to fight the wind I guess. Cant wait.
  12. You guys think I am going to take the bait? Lol no one is out fishing here. Couldn't even get down through the snow to ice fish. Looks like I will have to fly south in search of the sun.
  13. Almost April and temp balancing on freezing, rain will turn to snow tonight. All flooding will turn everything into ice rinks. Dave, the reason our fish taste so good is because of the crisp, cold water. I have a theory that you warm water boys got it easy in some ways, your fish are parboiled by the time you reel them in.
  14. Yours are always great, glad they arrived safely. I hope everyone gets to fish. Our season may open but it is still frozen over with -12 temps. Is this February?
  15. FishingBobNelson, As we were shovelling out the drive again from the plow again, the usual question of where all the snow is coming from because we have no where to put it. I was rather quick with my retort 'it's the Californian rain', 'what?' was the reply. I repeated that since you are about to be out of water, which in itself is unreal, that all the snow must be the Californian water just lost in its travel. I do hope your water situation corrects itself soon. Getting rid of the decision makers would be a great start. Anyways I hope you get fishing.
  16. You are very welcome rockworm and hope the weather treats you well. Dave, thought maybe the flies might have caught a tail wind and shot your way faster than normal. Let me know, curious if I picked the right flies for you.
  17. Sorry I haven't been in on this conversation, just a little to busy with way too many Nor'easters. Ok let's see if I got this right. Fishybob, vicrider and Henrik received their flies? Leaving li'lDave and rockworm? I am glad the flies are getting home. I understand the reviewing the flies, I have over time come to realize that my flies are tied for fishing and try to make sure they stay togather after a lot of wear and tear. I do know that my dimensions aren't correct and even sometimes I infuriate myself by tying my clousers upside down. Yet the fish aren't too discerning. My heads can very from canon balls to perfect beauties. Sometimes I am short a material in a pattern but throw it togather anyways. I guess I'll never be a fly artist but once in awhile I will create a beauty in my eyes and even create a style all my own. Such as my newest baby. I did not use any scales just tried to create something with the materials I had on my desk that would flow nicely when stripped through water. I do on the other hand deeply appreciate all the fabulous flies I receive from the swaps I participate in. I then get to admire all the pieces of art I am unable to accomplish myself. If I could get clarification from Dave and rockworm it would be appreciated. Maybe you already told me. Things have been hectic so I apologise if you have already called in.
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