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  1. OK, trying to move these flies because we have 2 fronts coming in so hopefully I will be able to run them to the PO tonight. I will pm you after I get the amounts. To rectify the space left from a drop out I have hand picked some flies for you. I may have missed the mark a bit in what you may use or just enjoy. Some may have my designs or maybe my first tie in the category. Just wanted to give the personal touch. Yes Dave, you are a salty, hopefully they will not curve in the travelling, if so I am sure your stripping will straighten them fine. Bob besides your request you have what you said you would swing and then some. Vic, I really hope that the flies I picked will do justice to your preference, your flies will please everyone as usual. Henrik, I think you will enjoy these, your flies are as always the finest. Rockworm, I hope you need these for the season, you do such a great job on such a variety of categories that I am not quite sure what you like to use. Want to thank you all for joining the swap. Once again the quality is superb. Post when they arrive and be patient because we are having a winter not seen in my area since the 1800's.
  2. Dave, your flies have arrived. What a nice set of flies. A great way to end the week. I will try to discipline myself enough to get them out the door for next week. I have to admit it will be hard letting them go. Lol so rest easy over the weekend, everything is in hand. Lol
  3. Henrik your flies have arrived and what a sweet selection. Now Dave did you forget yours in the car? I mean like went out the door with good intentions and well..... No worry. My backlog of mail is starting to be delivered. If the storms would stop it would help a lot. So if any of you have some mojo in that department it would be deeply appreciated.
  4. No Henrik but it usually takes about three weeks from your area. There hasn't been any mail delivered for five business days or so. We are so buried in a deep freeze and snow. We even have to shovel our roof. It just won't stop. The ice on the houses is unbelievable. It has shut down most things off and on. Don't worry they will get here. I am not stressed about the deadline.
  5. Eric has has dropped out due to health, sorry to hear and wish for a speedy recover. Henrik my good man you are the last to deal with the mail. Here's hoping you are still in. Our mail is a little slow due to the amount of storms. Don't worry about it being 1 down I will see what can be done. Swap meister to the rescue. Lol
  6. Rockworm your flies have arrived. I will contact you when I return mail. Rockworm has not lowered his game and done some quality flies in his usual style. That is I am going to give away on his submission.
  7. Henrik I probably have that bristle in my barn. Dave, can't wait.
  8. Eric Hanson sounding great. Dave don't forget to mail them.lol
  9. Rockworm! Hi stranger, looking forward to your flies.
  10. Dave, Henrik, Eric and Rockworm. Give a yell and let us know you haven't fallen in to a sink hole. Well, Dave has kept up the com, to be fair.
  11. Vic your flies have arrived and folks we have another set of quality flies. Vic has submitted a mix for us. That's all I am going to say for now. Lol Fishingbobnelson and Vicrider both are making it hard to not lean over the containers and whisper 'precious'. 2 down.
  12. Ok my Guilly Blues are in the mail and coming your way.
  13. I have finished my group of flies. Looking good! Maybe I should mail them to myself? Can't wait to see your flies. This swap will be a treat to sort and mail back.
  14. If at first you don't succeed. Try try again. Tis a lesson you should heed. Try try again. You can do it Dave! Fishybobs are already looking good on my desk. Lol. I actually watched a duck fishing around an ice flow in the river yesterday. I was standing there having the wind flash freeze my face. It was actually beautiful with the Devils breath rising off the water and glowing in the morning light. Then I remembered I was standing in the coldest place in town and thawed my brain and kept walking.
  15. Now Vic admit it you had both shoulders nattering in your ears. Lol. I'll keep an eye open for your beauties. Forgot to say thank you to fishybob for the extras.
  16. Fishybob your flies have arrived. The hardest part of hosting a swap is when the flies arrive. You open the packet and once you see the flies this little imp sitting on your shoulder is asking " do we have to share them, do we really?" I guess this is testament to the quality of the flies we get in these swaps. Well done fishybob!
  17. My clouser variants are on #2 saltwater hooks.
  18. Well Li'l one I'm not sure......hmm. You know, come spring those trout in the river will gobble those up. I think maybe you should toss those this way. Can't imagine anyone turning them away. Fishy Bob might just take those up in the mountains. If you can get him to stop going for lunch all the time.
  19. To you and yours Dave. I know how hard the fishing is with ice forming on your rod.
  20. Just a quick note, hope you had a festive holiday. You can put the four flies on a larger tag if it makes it easier for you. That way you would be using 6 tags instead of 24. Just putting it out there. Remember if you keep your packet under 3/4 inch thick it saves greatly on the postage, also under the 100grams weight. Otherwise it is higher. Your choice. If you Want ppal done with the postage just pm Me and I will send my email address Then send the info of $ amount owing for the shipping. If not then you can pm me with weight, L xW xH of your packet and I will let you know the amount to include. Some of you already know all this so ignore me. Pm me if you have any questions and I will try to get back to you. No guarantees till after the New Years. Well maybe a little more after the New Years.
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