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  1. That nice, what length is it when collapsed and expanded?
  2. post updated. I think we are going to have a nice collection.
  3. Ok Eric Hanson you're in. Welcome. Please post your 4 choices when decided upon.
  4. TwoFour Swap ----------- SWAP IS FULL............. Thought I would check to see if you guys are up for a swap. Changing it up to make the postage worthwhile and give us lots of time. You can do 4 different types of one group of flies ex: 4 different caddis's or you can do 4 different groups ex: wet dry, dry, scuds, streamers. One dry group and 3 different scuds, you get the idea. Anything goes. Postal - Canada Deadline - Mar 2 2015 24 flies = 4 sets of 6 4 different types of flies You know the rules. If your interested Say you are in, then you can list your choices. 1) li'l Dave - #8 peacock bugger, #10 PTN, #14 hares ear and a #16 PTN - ARRIVED 2) rockworm - four stages of the Ephemeroptera. Possibly the BWO. - ARRIVED 3) Vicrider - 1 Loch/Lough, 1 soft hackle, 1 Classic dry and 1 streamer. - ARRIVED 4) fishingbobnelson - 4 fore and aft. - ARRIVED 5) Henrik Thomsen (DK) - 1 classic wet, 1 upving dry (a la Halford), 1 old style (Skues or Sayers) nymph and 1 "no vise" tied spider (on a blind eye hook). -ARRIVED 6) Eric Hansen - 4 different hoppers.- DROPPED OUT
  5. Santa made the delivery and I immediately put them under the tree. Thanks Santa Nick for hosting. Merry Christmas everyone.
  6. A great set of stoneflies came my way. Thanks Tyler for hosting. Merry Christmas everyone.
  7. I got a box of fabulous flies. Well done everyone and thanks Bob for hosting. Jburge, the lunch? Merry Christmas everyone.
  8. Jburge It is good to hear you are not floating away.
  9. Christmas is beginning to look better and better.
  10. Sorry Piker, I received them quite awhile ago and haven't had a minute to spare. Great flies, some are down right beautiful. Waiting on the spring. Thanks everyone.
  11. Hey Vic you know those flies are tailored for my waters. Appreciate what all of you have done in this swap, it really was a quality swap. Just look at those flies.
  12. I agree with Burgie, the old rattler. Trust your judgement, haven't steered us wrong yet.
  13. Did I send deer caddis? What was I thinking? Maybe not thinking, I believe with the deer they are considered a wet fly. uh oh. Now what? see if they float fishy bob maybe I didn't put on deer
  14. Sigh. You are spoiled. The places you can get to now. They do say it is better to be in a boat when fishing.
  15. You know I'm in, my good man. I hear the roads are safer now that the old rattler is staying home for awhile.👻
  16. Glad they arrived. It was a different fly to attempt but they do look like food. 🎣
  17. Taking my umbrella and mailing them tomorrow.
  18. If I do not get washed away in the rain tomorrow I will be posting them.
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