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  1. Essoxfly

    New Book

    I don't know if it's the exact same but my guess will be; Gordon Griffiths sheer 14/0. It is very strong compared to how thin it is and flattens nice. Happy tying, Jakob
  2. Hairwing Fulldressed classic Freestyle Spey & Dee Best regards, Jakob
  3. RIO Pike can do the job for me and when i need to go a little deeper then i had some good experience with a Guideline tricast Intermediate tip. Should i choose only one; then it would be the RIO Pike Tight wire, Jakob
  4. My alltime favorite: A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work. And that is the trout, t.... Good one B.C Best regards, Jakob
  5. I might be stepping on someones toes here but a thing i would try with this nice streamer is a body of sealfur dubbing Tight line, Jakob
  6. #1 I haven't seen the other entries for the contest, but i'm conviced i don't have to. Congratulation with the fine result Happy tying, Jakob
  7. Better late than never. Happy birthday B.C.Trouthunter Best regards, Jakob
  8. Happy birthday guys, have a good one. Best regards, Jakob
  9. I would call the manuscript back and change it. Some time from now when people read it, they could get the idea that it is a commercial they just purchased. Or maybe they think that this speciffic True rotary vice is the only thing worth buying. You made made a great recomendation of it and didn't get a penny for it? Good luck with the manus, Jakob
  10. Happy birthday Muskyonthefly. Best regards, Jakob
  11. I just have to try that in my local waters this summer Tight lines, Jakob
  12. Maybe it is time for you to invent a new fly: The Bologna sucking leech. Or you could put them in the basement and let them grow hair for dubbing. Good luck with the sale Jakob
  13. Happy birthday all. Best regards, Jakob
  14. Don't forget Arctic fox, it looks very good in water and i even think the Pike's like to bite in it hackle feathers are also usefull as tails and much more durable than you might think. My prefered colour combo's is shown on my avatar Tight wire, Jakob, who just started experimenting with Goat
  15. Thanks Guys, that was a nice surprise. I'll buy you all a beer or two if i bump into you one day. Just look out for a tourist who should have been shaved 4 weeks ago Best regards, Jakob
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