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  1. Drath


    Well, I finally got out on some Cicada rich water with these flies. They produced well. I nailed a bunch of nice gills and small bass. I had fish smackin’ them all afternoon. I never could get that big ol’ bucketmouth to bite but I had a blast anyway. They tore the foam wing off one but that didn’t seem to slow ‘em down. Good times! -D
  2. Drath


    I didn’t get a chance to fish that smallie stream this past weekend. Way too much rain. With any luck I may try to go after some strip pit Large Mouths next weekend. We’ll see.
  3. Drath


    Hey ditz2, how long have the Cicadas been out in your neck of the woods? I hear it takes a few days for the fish to get turned on. But once they do… it’s on big time! -D
  4. Those are awesome. I so want to get into airbrushing poppers but I’m afraid I’d get addicted. All I need is ANOTHER hobby. :-) BTW that picture of you and your son (I assume it’s your son) makes me smile every time I see it. I have a 13 month old boy and I can’t wait to get a fishin’ rod in his hand. -D
  5. Drath


    Thanks to all. I’m gonna try to fish a smallmouth/trout stream this weekend. I’ll let you know how these flys produce. I say “try to fish” because there is a 70% chance of thunderstorms this weekend and the stream I want to hit is a 3 hour drive. Not a trip I want to make if it’s gonna rain all weekend. To make things even worse, I’m planning to camp. Grrrrr!!! Robert, our annual Cicadas AKA Dog Day Cicadas have a quite a bit more olive/green to them but those are not the bug I'm trying to replicate. Attached is a picture of the “hatch” I’m trying to match. These guys spend 13 years underground only to come out for a few weeks to mate, sing, and die. They have a lot more orange, black, and brown to them. Popper, did you try to fish any cicada patterns? If so, how did that work out for ya? Gpd4, ask and you shall receive. Attached is a picture of the belly. As you can see it’s similar to a gurgler minus the tail. -D
  6. The 13 year periodical cicadas are supposed to be emerging any day now in my area. Brood XIX AKA The Great Southern Brood is supposed to be a big one. From what I hear they’ve been spotted all over the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and a few other states for a while. A few more warm nights should do the trick. Fishing should be outstanding for a few weeks. Here are some pics of my cicadas. I can’t wait to get ‘em on the water. I pretty much just made up the pattern as I went along. I’m fairly happy with the way they turned out. I hope the fish like ‘em. -D Hook: #8 4XL Streamer Body: Variegated chenille (orange, olive, brown) and black craft foam Hind legs: Silicone Front legs: Hen hackle (the cheap stuff) Underwing: A closed cell foam that computer monitors/laptops come wrapped in with two coats of spray on poly to stiffen ‘em up. Orange Sharpie for color. Overwing: Elk hair Eyes: 40LB monofilament line melted and painted red
  7. Bass tube soft plastic. Now that’s a material I’ve never thought of using. Please let us know how it holds up and fishes
  8. I used an old rotisserie motor. Works fine.
  9. Drath


    Wow weird. Just last night my wife is telling me a story of how her friend’s hairdresser has been going to the fly shops in town to buy feathers and flash. It’s the first I’ve ever heard of anyone buying this type of stuff for hair or a hairdresser buying products from a fly shop. Then today I see this thread. WEIRD! -D
  10. Hey guys, thanks for the advice. I ended up doing a bit of hand stacking (pulling out the longer hairs out and realigning them), then trimming the butts so fibers would fit in my stacker better and using that for a few good solid taps. It worked out well and only took a few seconds longer than the stacker alone. Thanks again guys. -D
  11. You guys did it! Yeah, I saw this thread and got all fired up about float tubes. So I bought one on ebay. A brand new Creek Company ODC 420. I can’t wait to, literally, get my feet wet. Now I gotta ‘splain this to my wife. -D
  12. Thanks for all the tips. I hope to try again tonight. -D
  13. Try to mix your epoxy slower. I switched from 5 min to 30 min so i could mix slower and it helped. Also apply as thin of a coat as you can get away with. -D
  14. Just to clarify, I’m not trying to spin it or “flair” it. I would just like to get the tips to approximately the same length. Is hand stacking my only option? -D
  15. I’ve come across a bluegill pattern that I’d like to modify with some stacked bucktail for a few reasons. 1. I think it would look nice. 2. I’ve got quite a bit of it lying around. Anyway last night I threw a few clumps in my stackers (med and small) and it didn’t work out to well. I stack elk hair and deer body fur with no problem but the bucktail gave me fits. I don’t know if it’s because it’s so wavy/wiry or the softness of the tips or both. If anyone has any tips on stacking this stuff I’d like to hear from ya. Thanks -D
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