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  1. I have recently got hooked on chasing carp with the fly. I have to say they are the toughest fish i have ever tried to fool with a fly. And even a 20 incher is like hooking into a mack truck. Well,this was my 7th common on the fly(1st one on a fly that didn't immitate some kinda of people food) and also the second one i have caught on the fly without chumming. This really bothers me. Cause I've been after this fish for about a week. Atleast i think its the same one. He is 29 inches and 11lbs. I know not a trophy by WV standards needs to be 31" or 15lbs. But like a fool I turned one loose i caught on a bread immitation(spun deer hair) I caught on top that was 32". And I have been wanting to get a big one to mount I think there beautiful. I have also caught 12 buffalo carp and a few red tailed suckers in the last month. Only one was hooked like this and i saw him open his mouth and suck it up(i was just late on the hook set i guess. I just wonder if I should mount it since its not hooked in the lips. If u look closely its dang near and in the mouth area. Bjut it really bothers me that maybe he swam to look at the fly and i set and maybe he didn't eat. whats yalls guys take on this. years, Shane
  2. Reason I ask is cause its not directly in the lips. I think,i may have set to soon or to late. I saw the carp plopped the fly in front bout (3feet) and he came directly towrd my fly. When he was where i thought my fly was i lifted the rod and he was there! Shane http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu266/isoemerger18/carp10lbs5_zpsa0178d1d.jpg
  3. been kinda busy. Hopefullt be posting a little more now! Shane
  4. very nice indeed. I use cdc in about 60% of my dry-spinner-emerger patterns. shane http://www.elkriverflyfish.com/
  5. So, who are the random winners? shane
  6. Same here. In WV we pay round 10 bucks for a trout stamp and aroung 20 bucks for fishing privelages and conservation and national forest stamps. It somes with the sportsmans package for a really fair price. If it helps the trout and creates new opportunities I would be for it 100% my .02 shane
  7. Speaking of Chris, does anyone know how he is doing? I know he spent some time in the hospital over the summer, and wondered how things came out. Blane I can't remember 100% what the whole conversation was. But about 3 months ago I placed an order with CHRIS and he stated something to the effect that he may be going out of business. I remember hanging up the phone and being bummed about what he had told me. shane
  8. The use a helicopter here in WV to stock the more remote sections of gauley river(summersville tailwaters). shane
  9. eyes-lead dumbell painted hook-#6 3xl sabre streamer belly-natural white bucktail and krystal flash back-dark brown over natural bucktail
  10. pheasant matuka muddler-inspired by a member i am in a swap with! hook-sabre#6 3xl streamer body-midge braid rib-silver wire wing-2 matched pheasant church window collar-stacked deer hair head-spun whitetail tie in order as listed
  11. Hook-sabre#6 3xl body-midge braid rib-silver wire wing -two matched pheasant church window feathers collar-stacked deer hair head-spun whitetail this fly was inspire by a members fly i am in a swap with!
  12. My flies are done Eastern! I'll be shipping them when i get back from deer camp next week. What is the address.Can u pm it to me? cheers, shane
  13. yell there on the migratory bird list. you can kill 15 a day in WV shane
  14. Harvested a coot 2-day,cause i remembered seeing a soft hackle that called for coot. What feathers should i keep.I don't wanna borax the whole cape. shane
  15. My fly will be...... FlytyerGuy-Muddler Bugger shane
  16. Classic muddler from today. I finally got the secondary wing feathers to make a truly classic Don Gapen muddler. Hook-Sabre-6 3xl tail-matched turkey secondary wing feathers body-gold mylar rib-silver wire wing-gray squierrl tail I got from behind the house overwing-matched pair of turkey secondary wing feather Collar'pectoral fins' Deer hair placed around the hook in a distribution method. head-spun natural whitetail from a deer i took in 08 Notes-i've recently tyed around 3 dozen muddlers,though I've never fished them much. I plan to start very soon as this is an all round fly. It can be a sculpin,bullhead,hopper,stonefly, small mouse the possibilities are endless and i'm starting to realize it! shane stover p.s. i'm offering 30% off all winter fly fishing packages and a very special father and son package that you cannnot beat!
  17. Im in if you still have that opening Eastern? Thanx, cheers, shane
  18. I am a member of the 9 20 30 club! 9x tippet,#30 or smaller fly and a 20 inch or better trout. I wish i would've been using 10x then i would've been one of 6 people that i know of who have accomplished this feat! Food for thought. cheers, shane
  19. 14 year old son on right @ this moment i am watching bow hunt for deer through skype. One 11 year old daughter who i justed saw get off the school bus from skype. Man skype is awesome my son showed me how to get it the other day and now we talk face to face almost everyday. shane
  20. Very realistic! Job well done! cheers, shane
  21. U said it. Low pressure,literally thousands of small bows(everywhere for miles) and always a few browns.And out of 4 times fishing this area, I have saw over 10 fish in the 20 inch class and hooked 2 of them and landed the one. shane
  22. http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu266/isoemerger18/031-7.jpg http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu266/isoemerger18/025-4.jpg Their he is guys. Not the 1 I was after but he'll do! shane
  23. Well guys, I went back to where I hooked that monster the other day and he was nowhere to be found. So I just kept fishing and saw a few other bugguns and finaaly hooked and landed a 19 and a 1/4 inch hook jawed brown. I'll take it. When i get home I'll post a pic. Or you can go to wvangler.com and see him in the (fishing reports and stories) section. Titled- Butter-Meat Flies...My name is the same on that site...thanx for all ure input. I finally got him to take a zoo cougar type(style) fly. Muddler head with a little marabou and black bunny strip for the tail. shane http://www.elkriverflyfish.com/
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