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  1. I'll take 2 shirts ( 1 metro blue & 1 prairie dust) both in 2xl thanks Bill
  2. payment and PM sent thanks Bill
  3. Put me down for 1 L/XL olive please
  4. Great work Will. My flies look good and they are in the right category. Thanks
  5. You can use them to cook marshmallows with. I much rather fish with them.
  6. Tyrone

    Bad fly shop

    Tulpehocken Creek Outfitter
  7. http://www.onlinefishinglog.com/blog/20/Ha...ing-Fly-Leaders http://www.killroys.com/knots/knots.htm http://globalflyfisher.com/fishbetter/leadercalc/ I've been tying my own leaders for years. Thanks to someone by the name of Gearge Harvey. I was fishing Spring Creek and some old man was watching me fish. He said I was casting nice by my fly had a hard time turning over. Try this leader. It was the first time I ever seen a hand tied leader. I look at it and thought he was casting into a Hurricane with all thoughs knots in it. I figured to try it out. He came back later and asked me how I like it. I asked him how he did it. He invited me over to his house and showed me how to tie my own leader. Gave me his recipes and a histroy of leaders.
  8. Once a year I razor blade the material off. Retie it and then sell them to the local fly shop. Just kidding. I got a couple fishing buddies that are tiers too, but never tie. All the time they bum flies from me and the get the recycled ones.
  9. I have a 4000 with a screw and a master with a cam. I like the cam better because I never seem to get the screw tight enough when I'm packing deer hair. Nothing worse than a hook slipping. I did find away around it. I drilled a hole into the side on the screw and pressed a pin into the hole. I call it my poor mans cam.
  10. I was wondering where I can get a floss burnishing tool? I tried FeatherMc and he is out at this time. I did a google and didn't come up with anything. Thanks Bill
  11. I'm planning to be there on Saturday.
  12. I would like 2 1) Forest 2xl 1) Stone blue 2xl
  13. Damian I recieved your package today. We thank you. Taylor love the fly. Here is the Dixon twins fighting over it. Thanks Bill
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