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  1. Another well done Czech, I realy like the colors on this one.
  2. Good job Big E I would fish that in a heart beat.
  3. Awsome!!! That is one good looking bug.
  4. That is awsome!!!!I love that you can spin the fly to get a look at all sides. Great link thanks.
  5. Thank you I do like the idea it looks real good, would like to tie some of these and give them a shot. Thanks for sharring.
  6. Now thats a buggy larvae!Can we get a material list?
  7. Great job Artur, I realy like the colors.
  8. I agree that should take panfish and trout, well done I will be adding some of these to my box.
  9. Yes they are fun to tie.But you realy are doing a great job with these I have looked at the other ones you have tied and they also looked great. Well done!
  10. Nicely tied,Looks like you have the Czech nymph down.
  11. I must say great job I love the look of these ties.
  12. Well done,great tie and nice fly!
  13. Looks real good,Great job again Artur I will never get tired of seeing your ties keep them coming!
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