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  1. I am self taught. All i had was some thread, hooks, marabou and a little 8 paige book and havent looked backed since. Now i got all sorts of materials and a bigger book. Roby
  2. No problem looking forward to you buying that renzetti and posting some pics. Roby
  3. Thats a nice dyna king i might think about getting that for myself good price to. Roby
  4. There is this one it 150 which i know is 50 dollars more than you want to spend but check it out. Roby http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/template...rset=ISO-8859-1
  5. Not right this moment but i would be glad to try to help you find a good one for cheap. Roby
  6. I agree that your vise is a waste of metal lol. I have not had a dan vise but i have heard alot of people say bad things about it. I cant tell you if this is true but i have heard alot people say that it is all held together with a large plastic screw. A couple of people said that two days after they got it that plastic screw broke and the whole thing was garbage. 85 bucks gone dont know if thats true but i have heard people say that. Roby
  7. Nice go check it out. Roby
  8. I could see that catching something try it out. Roby
  9. Nice lets go to that third pic. Roby
  10. Wow that is good step by step instructions. Very nice also. Roby
  11. Nice even better cant wait to see those catch fish. Roby
  12. Hey everybody does anyone have weird fishing spots. I have one thats a couple of miles from my house. It is a pond in the middle of a golf course. Has largemouth, panfish, bluegill all sorts and the golfers dont even care that i fish there they always ask me how im doing and how many i have caught there never negative. So tell me if you got any weird fishing spots. Roby
  13. I started fishing this pond about a year or two ago and it was full of largemouth. I caught a ton every time me and my buddy went. Now this year i have caught 5 or 6 really small ones and i have went a lot this year. So i was thinking to myself what could of happend to all those fish because i always realesed the ones i caught. Then some guy walked up and started telling me stories of how him and his friend release the small ones but keeps and eats all the big ones so now my cool little pond is pretty much empty
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