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  1. I would make the tail a little longer . The dub is ok. In my opinion the rib is too heavy I prefer use naked herl or a quite dark thread even more than the dub or you can use the raquis the same kind of feather that you used for hackle. I hope that this tips can help you at least in part. A hug Segundo
  2. First of all I think that your fly is good. I 'd wont help you but my english is very limited. Coold you explain again your question ?
  3. Is a great honor to me that you have chosen this pattern. Congratulation your fly is very nice. A hug Segundo
  4. very nice !!!!! Excellent as usual pattern a hug Second
  5. very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratuletion a hug second
  6. Thank you!!!!! I have caught some great brown trouts with this pattern. a hug Second
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Second: Goladen stone
  8. Very nice, excellent pattern A hug Second
  9. very nice!!!!! congratulations a hug Second
  10. thanks for the step by step !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :headbang: :bugeyes: that very nice work!!!! a hug Segundo
  11. thanks for yours words. In my oppinion your fly will work well too. Very nice a hug Segundo
  12. I tied this fly before saw yours but I still haven't used it . When I saw your fly I remembered this old fly tied in last winter. a hug Second
  13. Very nice!!!!!! Excelent could give me your opinion about this fly? Thank you a hug Segundo
  14. very nice!!!!! :thumbup: a hug Segundo
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