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  1. I have found spinnerbait skirts to be more durable than the legs packaged for fly tying. Also there is a much better array of colors.
  2. or you could use tinsel over lead wire for a cool ribbed look. Who says you have to "have" a smooth body?
  3. I really enjoy using my Rite bobbins, have been slowly replacing my Griffins and tiemcos over to Rites. I keep several colors and types of thread spooled at all times, i really dislike switching from a Rite to a Tiemco.
  4. This might be a good place to use the prism tape eyes. Flatten the end of the dumbbell, use super glue to hold the eyes on then add a dollop of epoxy or CCG to create the 3D effect.
  5. 2 wt rod with size 6 foam hoppers when I am specifically fishing for bluegill. Fun as hell.
  6. I thought of that, but every once in a while I have hooked other things in my boat that I didn't think stuck up far enough. With that above my shoulder for filming, I think the video would consist of shots of leader and flies wrapped around the camera and if audio is included, sounds of me cussing like a crazy person. I am right handed so the fly very rarely goes over my left shoulder. I also keep my extra rods on the left side of the boat and focus my casting on the right side.
  7. I am switching to the head mount for wade fishing this year, I used the chest mount last year, but lost a lot of good footage because my hands were in the way. In the kayak I set it up on a pole over my left shoulder.
  8. Eh i wasnt making any claims about functionality, merely aesthetics. i cant comment negatively or positively on either vise as I have not used them. I just dont care for the looks of the j-vise. I know there are tons of rabid j-vise users that will defend its honor but I dont like the way it looks and would not like to sit down daily and tie flies on it.
  9. Not sure how much I would use the parachute tool, unless tying parachutes of course. But the vise itself doesn't look too bad. Better looking than a J-vise in my opinion
  10. Sometimes, depending on the water I am fishing and the fish i am targeting and whether I am wading or in a boat or bank fishing
  11. Supposedly rubber is also better for the fish as there is less damage to the slime layer.
  12. Fly Tyers Dungeon Shuck Yarn might work
  13. Thanks I am a better tyer than web designer. The site is a continual work in progress to make it look better. I need to find an artist and a web designer that want to trade services for flies
  14. for the big ones i will, they arent on my site yet, have only sold them in person so far. And as Pat said, even at that price you are working for nearly third world wages. They are a lot of time and material so the price really is justified.
  15. its all in the trimming. I trimmed this one a bit more after I took that pic. It takes practice and patience. one wrong cut and it goes in my box instead of selling it.
  16. Glad you had a great experience. As for the Spirit River UV2 stuff, they have a whole line of materials with the UV2 treatment from feathers to hair to dubbing. I have used a good bit of it over the winter and look forward to giving it a good testing this summer.
  17. Cocoons work pretty well and will fit over a pair of regular glasses. I used a pair for about a week before i pulled the trigger on Lasik back in 2009. My son uses a pair and likes them. Nowadays I use Costas. They are expensive but I bought mine from Steep and Cheap and was able to get them for a reasonable price.
  18. I have started to do the same thing with Congo Hair. Posted a picture on one of these threads. I have had a couple people ask for videos, guess i will do one along with a step by step. Essentially it is the same as stacking deer hair then trimming to shape. here is the photo again, since taking the photo I have thinned the profile a bit on this one, it was still a bit too shaggy. I owe Pat full credit for the tail, he showed me how to form it at somerset. I had been using ultrasuede tails previously.
  19. Tie for 10-15 years, at the end of that 15 years you will have a ton of material and wonder where it all came from. Nobody starts out with a ton of materials or enough materials to tie all types of flies in all sizes. The other way is to become a professional tier, jump through all the hoops required by the various distributors and order away. unfortunately it wont be cheap. As the old saying goes, the quickest way to end up with a million dollars in the fishing industry is to start with TWO million dollars.
  20. What Joel said. Anytime i sell of give a material away I end up needing it a month later. The only time that didnt happen was with the Petitjean Magic Tool, I bought it, never used it and traded it for a couple packs of rabbit strips. I still havent regretted trading it
  21. for trout try grey squirrel tail over white calf tail on a size 6 or 8
  22. Found this on Google, it has a lot (!) of info. http://thelimpcobra.com/2013/01/08/fly-tying-a-complete-dubbing-techniques-tutorial/
  23. you may want to check into the tax thing now. The taxes that everyone references are excise and sales tax moreso than income taxes. No matter what your age is i don't think that you are exempt from excise or sales taxes. Excise tax in the US for manufacturing of sporting goods which covers fly tying is 10%, additionally if I sell to someone in my state I am required to collect 6% sales tax. I have no idea how Canada works.
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