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  1. i might take you up on that offer willowhead i am 16........ thanks old hat i will give it a go
  2. do the six have to be from specific catagories or just tie whatever but make sure they are from a catagorie..... eg 2 favourites 3 i like to fish an 1 classic :dunno:
  3. ha ha ha lol...... i once hooked onto a dead carp someone had been using for bait....... god it smelt......
  4. awesome..... good stuff...... thanks for posting that joe.....
  5. hi will :thumbup: .... what a little beuty .........simple but effective .... yes i have alot of baitfish/galaxia (not sure if you have them there :dunno: ) patterns that use marabou including some similar patterns to that of yours :thumbsup: ...... dont know if anyone wants me to post them :dunno: .... if so i might start a forum on baitfish flies :bugeyes: ....... great job will :thumbup:...... p.s. :bait :lol2:
  6. :cursing: SO TEMPTED TO JOIN......... i cant i also have trouble affording mail.... i am aussie that is y.......... :crying:
  7. righto guys i will tie a couple and send them off hopefully next week
  8. hi dave i think this fly is ok so will you and spanky be happy with it also do you want the barbs smashed
  9. what does he mean by classic..... as in salmon fly :dunno:
  10. yes thats an eye i didnt think you would be that excited i have thousands at home
  11. th easiest fly in the world to tie is a tadpole..... yo just find a dark olive or black feather..... any thin flexible feather of this colour.... marabou works well 2........ tie that in as a tail then just make your body to whatever size u want..... you can put little elastic legs on it if you want but it dont make that much difference i hope this helps.... dont worry im a begginer 2
  12. yeah im in if you explain it better how many flies do i have 2 tie
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