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  1. Guys, I went with a Renzetti Traveler and love it! Strong holding power, which is what I wanted.
  2. Not happy with ones I have seen. What are the best painted dumbbell eyes?
  3. Damnit, I looked at that one as well and I liked it! HAHA :wallbash: I cant make up my damn mind, I want to buy something that will last and I will get real joy out of working with it.
  4. Any recommendations for a vise that will allow me to tie a big bass hook say a 2 and then work on a tiny trout midge say 20? Once again, I am not looking for something cheap, I want it to last.
  5. Wow, is all I can say! What gear are you using?
  6. WOW!!!!!! What gear are you using?
  7. http://skeetobiteweather.com/picservice.as...p;m=05&av=2
  8. The Renzetti Saltwater is the exact same one I was thinking about pulling the trigger on. Thanks!
  9. Who has the most organized and cleanest here? Post Pictures!
  10. New to tying and do a lot of bass fishing plus saltwater fishing. I do not want to go cheap, I want something that will last 5+ years. Any suggestions? I know it is a matter of personal preference but I have read some reviews on some vises and most were a long the lines that vise wore out tying big hook flies.
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