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  1. I would mostly be shaving the thing. Never had any experience with tanning hides,cept when my Dad caught me swearin when I was 8. If anyone knows how to tan it I would appreciate the info. I'm sure my in-laws wouldn't mind shooting another one. All the coyote's do around here is kill deer and domestic sotck.
  2. Does anyone tie with or know of any patterns that require coyote fur? They are pretty thick around here and my in-laws do quite a bit of hunting. I figured maybe it might come in handy.
  3. I have an HMH Saprtan and I bought it with the pedestal bacuse I tie on a rollm top desk with a drawer.There is absolutely no way to use a C-clamp there. However I also tie at my kitchen table and on those fold up wooden tv-tables occasionally. Now that will kill your back I tell ya! Fortunately I only tie 2 or 3 flies at once. My last vise was a c-clamp but I would rather have the pedestal anyday.
  4. Thankz alot guys.Hopefully with any luck(and your help) I can manage a few fish. Seems like everytime I go with my brother in law I wind up skunked! But now I am armed and dangerous.................or maybe just dangerous! :devil:
  5. Since I have never fished for them before I figure this is the best place. I would like a few simple yet effective patterns for Steelhead. I will be fishing in the upstate New York area around Thanksgiving. (I live downstate)Most of my fishing is for Browns/Bows/whatevere else but we have no Steelies down here ! Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would LOVE to out fish my brother inlaw for once anyhow!
  6. I'm not sure when but I believe there is some kind fo show that goes on in Conn. Seems to me as I remember it being in NOv and being annual. Didn't get there last year but maybe this year. If I get more info I will pass it on.
  7. HMH Spartan all the way!!!! I spent alot of time looking and reading and talking......................Dyna King was second choice. I thought the HMH looked better built around the cam lever.
  8. One half inch was without tails,and yes it was all white. Just an estimate as the closest I got was when one tried to fly up my nose...hey,that's what you get for wanting a closer look!
  9. CrustySpinnr


    I was fishing the Beaverkill last Thursday and there were a few white mayflies coming out of the water. Not being very good with types and names I was wondering if anyone could give me a roundabout idea what they were? Like I said there were not many coming out and they were about one half inch in length. One of them flew right up in front of me. I hadn't had any hits in the hour I was out so.....I switched to a Cream Hare's Ear Caddis and got one fish before bedtime. It would be nice to have a better pattern or something closer but at the time it was the closest I had. I plan on tying a few very cream hares ears just in case. Last year I saw a few of these land on the water and then take off again. This time was different,figerred they was hatchin!
  10. I use a little bit of wax on the thread. However when tying dries I sometimes use my liquid floatant. Just enough to get the thread damp to hold the dubbing. I use Gink and just a small amount seems to work ok. I don't know if it actually makes them float better but I would like to think so!
  11. Thanks alot Reddbyrd! Hopefully, I will be able to check it out at least by next year. They are having a house built,and they aren't supposed to be in til Oct. I live in Orange County,NY next week I will be up in Roscoe. Right now it is too warm to fish there, hope fully they will get some rain there in the next few days. Guess if worse comes to worse I can always work on my casting! Again thanks for the info, if it works out for my mother who nows I may be going next.
  12. MY mother is retiring and purchasing a home there. I was just wondering if there are any good streams and such in the area. Considering I will have to go and visit every now and then. Might as well kill two birds with one stone!
  13. I work in the shipping department of a paper bags factory. I pretty much do eveything as I have been there 18 years. My main job is putting pallets of finished goods into and out of the stand up racks like in Home Depot. Only difference is they drive really slow there. I also drop ship product all over the world(via UPS). And when the need arises I also do yard jockey work.
  14. I use a roll-top desk for fly tying. Due to the fact I have a small boy in the house WHO GETS INTO EVERYTHING!!!!!!! I find that it works well except there is not really much storage for materials. It is a newer one,and there are small spots along the top for storage and it has one drawer.(complete with child proof lock) As far as a tool and material organizer, I am in the same boat. I have a travel kit from cabelas which is where my tools and vise where stored.Now I purchased an HMH Spartan and don't know what to do. The only problem with the roll top is you are limited to a pedestal base and can't use c clamps.
  15. I just picked up a Spartan last Thursday,still haven't tied on it though. I have a dagblasted cold and sore throat so all I've been doin is thinking of tying. First thing I did was take it apart after reading the little paper it comes with. My wife has a habit of throwing things out, and I didn't want to not know how to clean it. All in all it is pretty simple and I'm sure it beats the crap out of the Cabela's tying kit vise I have been using! Good luck with your's! I spent along time deciding what vice I wanted to spend that kind of cash on and believe it is worth every cent!
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