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  1. According to the book I mentioned in my previous post, Paragnetina Media are found in North Carolina. I found the book in my local library. Been reading to kill the winter months. Might be wrong but ......... the description also mentioned that the nymph "looked like it needed a shave" especially the legs. Who knows maybe they are not found in many large numbers there anymore?
  2. Excellent looking fly federico! What materials did you use? Is it tied hook up? Graham ,I don't know if dun's get underwater but I do know spinners do. You can fish a sunk spinner pattern just like a nymph. I have tied several this winter and can't wait for the summer to try them out. Federico,again that is a very good looking fly!
  3. Paragnetina Media would be my best guess. Information coming from "Stoneflies for the angler" by Eric Leiser & Robert H.Boyle. It seems to match the picture and description. Hope this helps some.
  4. Absolutely incredible! I'll have to check the stuff out. It's hard for me to really tie much(kids),but I try. Thanks for the advice Graham and also for the info on the new material.
  5. Here is my abortion....errr contribution. This was THE most aggravating fly I have tied so far. Guess somedays you should just leave the vise ALONE!!!
  6. I,m going to be fishing upstate on opening day and was wondering.....does anyone have any first hand knowledge of flies to use early season up there? Probably will be fishing the Ostelic river or the stream in Richford. I have only been late season fly fishing so far...this wil be the first opening day where I wasn't working!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Just wanted to mess around with something I say in a recent magazine issue. The tail and wings were a pain, a rotary vise would solve that. But all in all it was fun and I don't think it came out too bad.
  8. I would have to say the LL Bean Fly ying Handbook, by Dick Talleur. I haven't had any lessons and this book covers alot of simple tricks and has step by step pictures that make it easy to follow. He also has a book out now ,something like 100 tips/tricks which I checked out of the local library, lots of good follow ups for common mistakes.
  9. At the moment I am using a Rolltop desk as a bench. The positive side is my little one can't open it and get to the hooks and various implements of destruction stored within. The negative side is there is no lip to attach a clamp to so I am limited to a pedestal vise. Also it can be kind of dark inside so a lamp is a requirement.
  10. Blak Beetle Rusty Spinner Hare's Ear Caddis
  11. It's an intersting topic and one that I'm sure will get alot of feedback. I however don't have the answer. I am farily new to fly fishing and tying(typing too apparently). I would think that the wings are there for the same reason that realistic fly tying is so popular now. To see if we can match the original as close to perfect as possible. Also I wonder is the trout when feeding can see the wings or not? Other than the occasional Kamikaze trout who launches himself out of the water and comes down on the fly from above screaming Banzai!!!!! I am absolutely sure I have been of no help whatsoever so far but would it hurt to tie several without wings and try them during a hatch perhaps? Maybe everyone could test this out and come back with an answer later in the year?
  12. CrustySpinnr

    FTF Fundraiser

    Went to place an order and I'm not sure if it's a mistake but there appear to be no shipping charges? I am in the shipping business now for 18 yrs and you could wind up loing alot. Just wanted to bring it to your attention. I will wait to place and order just in case you need to fix something.
  13. CrustySpinnr

    FTF Fundraiser

    so basically,what we do is go to GreenCaddis .com. get an acct. place our order and it helps keep the site open? instead of ordering from someother place who give back NADA? what are you people crazy? so that's how it works eh? sounds good to me there are afew things I can't get here.....
  14. Here is an experimental nymph. I have only been tying for about a year (no professional instruction) so please forgive any mistakes. Also any suggestions would be appreciated. The fly also doesn't have a name as far as I know. I used Pheasnat tail for the tail, Brown Olive dubbing for the body, Krystal flash for ribbing, Brown hackle for legs, and Gray duck feather for the wing case.
  15. Hi, and welcome I have only been here since Nov. but this is the best site I have found! I have only been tying for about a year (no teacher just books). I also fish the Beaverkill, love that place. Haven't done much fishing elsewhere, but someday maybe I'll get out....
  16. Here is the pic,it is a little fuzzy and one this one i had used a thin strip of yellow foam in place of the yellow antron yarn.
  17. One of my favorites is a foam firefly.I used a size 10 dry hook.Black thread,black foam,peacock herl,and some light yellow antron yarn.First as usual lay down your thread base.Then cut your foam into a strip as wide as you want your body,I tend to make a slimmer fly because fireflies aren't wide like most other beetles.I cut a point at one end of the strip to tie in with [====>.Tie in the foam strip by the point,when you tie in keep the foam off the back of the hook,you will fold it over later.Now tie in one end of the yellow antron yarn,then wrap it forward to the middle of the hook.Now tie in three or four strands of peacock herl.Wrap forward to the eye.Bring your thread back to where the head and body should meet.Now fold the foam over to the eye of the hook.Wrap a few turns to segmant the body and head then bring your thread up to the eye.Wrap again around the foam at the eye and trim.Whip finish and I usually just put a little head cement,and it's done.The foam pretty much floats itself and this works very well around overhanging braches.I will try to get a picture of one to post soon.
  18. I prefer to use Gink,however I have also heard that RainX works very well.But on the down side you have to apply it 24 hours prior to fishing in order to get it to dry properly.Also you may not want to use it on anything you might want to fish drownmed at the end of your swing.I sometimes use Watershed too but think that Gink is better.
  19. Normally I use Gink,but I have heard that RainX works extremely well.However there is a long drying time.ou would have to apply about 24 hours prior to fishing.I also used Water shed at the bench but prefer Gink,even at the bench
  20. MY favorite would have to be a black foam firefly imitation.I don't get to do much early season fishing.
  21. I am looking for a good hellgramite pattern.I was fishing up in Whitney Point, NY this past summer and saw some people doing well.We found out upon investigation that they were using "dobsons".We didn't find out until later that they were hellgramites.I would like some ideas on patterns,I have only been tying for about one year but I can do pretty well.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.There aren't many good fly fishing spots around there so it can be kind of boring.I'd hate to have to dust off the old spinning gear.
  22. Thanks for all the info guys!I have looked here and there on the web but without much luck.Curiosity has been driving me nut!
  23. I was wondering if anyone had any information on this fly tying company.They were out of Wisconsin and I believe they are out of business.I would be interested in knowing anything,including if they are out of business when did they close?I have several flies from them that have never touched water and still have tags on them.I believe they are fairly old as I have never seen any tied in this way.Any info would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a picture on one that is identified as a Yellow Drake size 10.
  24. My favortie would have to be "Trout Madness" by Robert Traver.Although it is a collection of short stories or experiences fly fishing.It is also a 1960 edition hardcover. Cover price is $6.50
  25. Hello,just wanted to say hi and introduce myself here.I am from NY and do most of my fishing in the Roscoe area.Most of my tying home hehehe.
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