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  1. Sweet Jesus my favorite 2 fly rig is the Copper John with a Pheasant tail dropper how does someone pick just one!!! Ok, 16 Copper John it is!
  2. Thats the smell of Iron City Beer and Victory!
  3. Nice eggs, those are really great producers on lake Erie tribs. He shoots and scores and Cam Ward just lost his liquor license!!!!! Yinz gotta love Mike Lange! LETS GO PENS!!!!! http://downloads.penguins.nhl.com/podcasts/090521hilites.mp3
  4. Yea I chose to tie a smaller version because here in Pa were not know for having hatches of really large stones, but Ive had success with the smaller size and it can imitate a wide variety of bugs and hoppers and I love the stim because of how well it stays afloat. I too got out on the water today and fish through a couple hours of rain til the creeks finally muddied up enough to send me packing. Landed two, lost two but still good to be out.
  5. Received a awesome tax return today!!!! Great flies all!
  6. Maybe she would have gone postal. ok too easy
  7. The lady at your Post Office is a postal nazi, I have participated in a gang of swaps and never had that problem, the postage to Colorado is the same as the postage from Colorado, furthermore the envelopes are stamped based on weight. I think you need to use a different post office for any of your swaps or this woman will continually hose you. Well thank you Min for being generous enough to bail us all out of a mess.
  8. You have no idea how hard it was to bring myself to google "Thing from Uranus" I was braced for all kinds of horribleness! But, indeed thats the imitation. Heres a good link for comparing a Salmon Fly to a Golden Stone. Ive spent alot of time on this creek and this was the first encounter with a nymph in these water of this size...I'll admit...I was scared. Salmon Vs. Stone Thanks guys for the help. I had fun photographing and watching it try and wiggle out of its skin, and it sure beat getting skunked on the water today.
  9. Fishing today on the Neshannock Creek in western Pennsylvania and while I tying on a new fly this guy came floating by already half way out of his nymphal husk. What struck me as odd was the size of it. Ive seen the huge Stone Fly husks on the rock walls of the Gunnison River in Colorado but never in Western Pennsylvania. My guess is this guy crawled to the shore edge to emerge but lost his footing and got caught in the current. I placed my finger next to him and a bottle of Xink to size him up with.
  10. These two Palominos were both caught on the Neshannock Creek in Western Pennsylvania on another swappers fly and I unfortunately never took note of the toe tag before adding it to my fly box. I beleve the fly came from the midge swap but Im really not sure. Either way this little black slice of love netted me a dozen fish last Saturday including my first and second Palomino trout ever caught. The second fish was between 18 - 20 inches and fought me through 2 sets of rapids, wrapped me around a branch and had my heart pounding out of my chest. If the tyer can lay claim to this fly I owe you a huge thanks for a whole day of fun and being the mark of much creekside envy!
  11. Caught this brown on the Taylor River in Colorado on Big E's Black Electric Rubber Bugger! Thanks Big E!!!
  12. If you've caught a fish on a fellow swappers flies here's a place to post a picture of fish and fly or just tell your story and say thanks.
  13. So what your saying is that you have become a human hatchery. Glad to see people taking a proactive step for the sport. Im guessing stocking day is going to be a bit disturbing for the little ones when you poop fish in their buckets! lmao Im glad to be apart of the single weirdest fly swap at FTF.com :headbang:
  14. Great idea and thanks for posting the pics. I really wish I photographed all the flies and their respective tyers from these swaps because already I have caught several nice fish on other peoples flies. I wish I knew who to thank for the black midge nymph that landed me this 20" golden Saturday. (no fish were harmed in the taking of this photo...I only hope the next guy releases him for someone else to enjoy)
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