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  1. Colleagues, thank you for good reviews. I am glad that to you pleased. It is possible a good stimulus will become for you. Thank you Graham.
  2. Мои душевные поздравления для France Fly и redkid! В будущем я не позволю себе так расслабиться. И спасибо всем! My heartfelt congratulations for France Fly and redkid! In the future I will not take the liberty to be so weakened. :smoke: And thank you all!
  3. http://www.fly-fishing.ru/bin/engine.cgi/p...on=&id=mX7Z5caj thank you
  4. How can you estimate such material?
  5. many thanks all Hook ¹ 8 Body: Basis – polyurethane Belly – feather of ostrich, black, yellow end white color Breast – black chenille, black and yellow feather of ostrich. Paws: micro chenille ,black feather of ostrich. Wings – MEDALLION SHEETING LIGHT DUN Head and eyes: epoxy, black feather of ostrich.
  6. Ñïàñèáî Äèìà. Ðàä âèäåòü ñîîòå÷åñòâåííèêà. Òû ÿ òàê ïîíÿë ñ Óêðàèíû? ìîé icq 289-060-008
  7. Hello all and enormous thank you, thank you and enormous thank you.. I beg pardons after my bad English. There is no limit to my amazement and gladness, especially after the joke of Smallie Hanter. About the victory I knew from the personal message of Graham and thought that this the error. Really will I have bamboo fly rod ????? I can not in it to trust... I am touched and low-spirited by the amount of pozdravpenyy and by attention. Thank you. Utkin/
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