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  1. Wow... Ask a question and get the answer strait from the horses mouth. (No offence Roy) How cool is that! Thanks again to everyone for their help. Josh
  2. Actually, after reading that, the Hackle Stacker is a different technique although very similiar. Only difference is with the hackle stacker you wrap the mono loop then tie off, for the technique I am referring to you wrap the mono loop then close the loop or "clinch" the hackle as you draw down the mono loop.... I hope that makes SOME sense. Here is the technique I am referring to. http://www.smallstreams.com/phpBB3/viewtop...f=20&t=2237 Again, thanks for all the help. Josh
  3. Thanks to the both of you. Winefly, HackleStacker was what I originally searched for but got no results. We are on the same page though. The step by step of Roys pattern was exactly what I was looking for (or looking at in the past) however even Roy does not seem to give a name to this technique. I believe "reverse parachute" referrs to a pattern and/or the order you tie the pattern. But does the actual mono loop wing technique have a name ??? If not it should! Thanks all Josh
  4. I need help in trying to find the name of a technique I saw posted here many months ago. The technique is for dry flies and invloves tying in a mono loop, wrapping the hackle up the mono post, (through the loop 3 times, around the loop twice, and back through twice) then pulling the hackle down and cinching the mono loop down and then finish the fly. I have got the technique down and have been having great success with the fly but when I was asked the name of the technique I drew a blank??? If anyone could provide the name or a link it would be very much appreciated. Thanks Josh
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