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  1. Definately in. What a wonderful job you did with this swap last year.
  2. I was on vacation at my uncles house and saw a vice and was clueless as to what it was. So I made the mistake of asking what it was and was fly hooked ever since. Now for learning he showed me how to tie a royal wolf and a mosquito. I was so impressed with how you can turn simple materials into a like resemblance. So I bought the art of fly tying book from walmart and learned hoe to tie the different parts of the fly and invested 1000s of dollars later in material. So I say I am 99.5% self tought. Thanks uncle Don for the .5% cause thats all it took. j74snook
  3. I recieved mine yesterday. Thanks rich for the cool swap and the bonus worm,and to rob for the hooks. Troutbums fly is a great snook fly and I cant wait to get down to St. Pete to try these out. And the saturday night fever should do excellent around lighted docks. Now for the worm. I think you have an excellent pattern for flatheads. If you could post the pattern in the database that would be appreciated. I would like to extend the body about 2 or three more inches but I love the action this fly would present.Super job ev1. Proud to of been a part of this one. j74snook
  4. My uncle has a worm and maggot farm that he made to keep from buying bait. The night befor he goes fishing he would take some moggots and put them in a few containers and put some food coloring in. The yellow moggots out fish any other color but green comes in a close second. Nice maggot by the way. snook
  5. :bs: :bs: :bs: :poop: :poop: :poop: :sick: :sick: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :cursing: :cursing: :butt: :butt: Just a little bit from a lowly sorry azz tyer.This topic went way south. And If I,m correct, terrome seems to be one of the ones to turn the forum into what he calls the unknowledgeable lowlife tyer haven. Well :rockon: FTF I love ya just the way you are. Snook
  6. why do they get posted here? snook
  7. It appears that you are not going to let this go.But I will not be drawn into another war of words with you. It is not good for this forum or flytying in general. Fred In the blue corner we have the Argentinian decapod, And in the red corner we have the louisianian crawldad. You must keep your dominant claw behind your back at all times and tails in the out stretched position at all times. This will be a 15 round bout with a 3 falls rule. Gentlemen do you understand these directions as i have discused with you? Sooooooo leeeeeeeets get ready to ruuuuuuuummmmbbbblllleeeee. Just kiddin
  8. Hey Rich. Just checkin if you got all sets in. no hurry just wondering. snook
  9. go to a welding shop and look in the scrap dump for a piece of 1/2 steel and tap and die rod and steel. 0 bucks.
  10. J.. Im further south than you so does that put me in the jethro catagorie also?
  11. behind circle k there is a 30 foot wide drainage ditch that empties into the intercoastal water way. Snook would hide under the overpass and nearly every first cast produced a fish. Or when I was boat poor we would have to wade 2 miles in 2 to 4 foot water to get to the 30 foot hole that not too many people new about and just slay the redfish and sheepshead. Spinning rods of course cause you were allready wore out befor you even started fishing. On the way to the hole we would climb through the mangroves and catch 6 or 7 dozen soft shelled tree crabs. There was no better bait than that. Anyways thanks for bringing back the memories. Forgot how much fun I used to have.
  12. man thats creepy. Grasshoppers scare the bajesus outa me.
  13. you know you are right. We have very small deer here in FL. They max out on average to about 160 170. But 2 to 3 a year keeps the freez stocked til about two months befor season opener.
  14. you got to be kidding me. That is amazing!!! Good thing they arent built like sword fish. That guy was getting pummled. Awesome video, thanks for sharing. snook
  15. salty you read my mind. But a little gravy and rice works well too.
  16. all the packs of smokes my dad smoked didnt have flies on them. Cool history and nice colection.
  17. well backstrap is pretty tastey and doe is better tasting than buck. so after it fell the first time I personally would have filled my freezer one more good time befor hunting season.Now that being said, I dont want to be classified as a killhappy redneck. It wouldnt go to waste. The meat for food and the hide for tying. Win win.And I belong to P.E.T.A(people eating tastey animals) So come on october to avoid the critisism
  18. Your a bad boy feathers 5! We dont talk about buying flies. :j_k:
  19. You can start by taking a look in the ftf database as there are some outstanding patterns in there. Most have tying instructions and material list but if not Just ask and someone will help with anything you need help with. These folks here are always willing to share tips and techniques to help even the most advanced tyers. welcome aboard by the way. snook
  20. You said it bud. If my desk looked like that befor and after I sit down at it my wife would ask where her husband is and ask for him to stay there.
  21. I am not registering my guns and if they want they can come pry them from my dead fingers cause thats what its gonna take. Out here in the woods there are too many people ready to band together and not go down without a fight. So good thing I got at least a 1000 rnds for each of the 16 firearms I have. OOPS did I say 16 I mean 0 incase big bro is listening. rotflmfao
  22. I can tell ya there aint no rivers like that in FL. Sure looks peaceful.
  23. Need addy to send $25. What a deal And it even comes with an aluminum fly box too. Wow what a deal. :thumbup: :j_k:
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