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  1. Count me in, also a note, box 5 cycle 1 got sent back to my house today with the shipped box destroyed. The flies are ok, do you still want me to ship it to bassbugin?
  2. I'm in, pattern to be determined also.
  3. Actually, I have box two. Nice assortment of flys, I'll send it out tomorrow.
  4. It's a great tool, it's amazing for any fly that needs a dubbing loop, or just plain dubbing because it traps dubbing in two strands of thread and then keeps them on the hook with a third strand. Also works with ostrich, peacock, and deer hair.
  5. OK, thanks that really nice of you. I'll find a pattern for the material and post it when its done.
  6. If there still available I'll take them.
  7. I got my material today, I'll tye some caddises with my little twist :devil:
  8. I got he box, magnificent flys. I'll sen them out on monday.
  9. Hey larmie44, I totally forgot about he toe tags :wallbash: the flys are already in the mail. The envolope will say Rios Lara, keep a lookout for it.
  10. Hey Rick, If the flys haven't got there then just send out to the flys, if mine get there later, keep them as a gift for all the trouble you went through to keep this swap going.
  11. Got them done, need an address.
  12. I'm in with a swannundaze nymph
  13. Ok, I'll get a second set of flys to you asap.
  14. Odd<_< , thanks for telling me Rick. I'll check it out, maybe something happen to it. If so I'll tye new ones and ship them out ASAP.
  15. So is there any updates, did all the flys get in, did the swap end, and what happened to S.M. Rick.
  16. So many great flies.so my tough decisions. Thanks will for this awsome event.
  17. Sent my flys today,"Flash Zulu Leeches". Can't wait to see everybody elses flys. :headbang:
  18. Yes Well that might be true in a normal situation, but this is a personal thing for me for the satiem stone fly was tyed by my instructor/ mentor and I need to get the material so he can tye me one last Satiam stone fly. For he's old and he had a stroke and I just want to see the fly before I lose the greatest person I know.
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