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  1. actually I used to tie them way back when I first started tying when I didn't know which colours to tie, and its end up that white works really well, specially with the green dot. Also good for salmon too.
  2. hehe yeah, im a bit of an organizational freak and yes i do like fishing eggs, they're really easy to tie and the work good!
  3. Heres a thread to post pictures of your fly boxes. Ill start:
  4. This is my first minnow type fly that I've tied, so I could use some good constructive criticism on how to make this pattern better, as it looks kinda crappy right now.
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by JoshVandermeer: Steely Minnow
  6. I forgot to add the type of hooks used, and It wont let me edit it, so the hooks used are scud hooks in size 8 - 14. I dont know if one of the moderators can add it in, but if not thats ok.
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by JoshVandermeer: Joshmans Stone
  8. yeah i do something similar to that but not with a bead, im gonna give that a try tho. Sometimes I'll put hackle for legs if I'm doing larger sized ones. Ive got a bunch of size 10 bead headed princes tied up for the spring, only I've got gold beads. Do you ever use prince nymphs without beads? I've been debating whether or not I should tie some like that. I sorta do my own take on the kauffman stone, mostly cause the goose quill part is a pain in the butt. I'll tie it on a size 8 - 12 scud hook, biots for a tail, dubbing for body with that stretchy black ribbing stuff, then ill cut 3 pieces sorta like the shape they do on kauffmans stone and tie those in, then ill put two more biots.
  9. I'm having trouble finding a good bead headed stone fly pattern for steelhead, and I was wondering what patterns you guys like to use.
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by JoshVandermeer: Red Rum
  11. Here's a great lakes spey fly that I concocted last night, I call it red rum. Sorry if this has been taken up already. another pic: Nest time I tie this one I think I'll make the bunny strip a little longer.
  12. I'm 17. Been Bass fishing since i was 4, which is my favourite type of fishing (sorry guys), but I have been fly fishing for salmon and steel head for a year and a half (best decision I have ever made) and I cant get enough of it, close close second to to bass fishing. I've also been tying for a year. I live 5 minutes from the creek so I usually hit it about 3-4 times a week when they are running. All my friends thing I'm obsessed. It is very true that there are not very many young fly fishermen. I only know couple around my age that fly fish, but they don't do it that much either, they mainly float fish.
  13. heres another variation that I tied up with cactus chenille (estaz) and krystal flash for wing casing.
  14. Thanks for your input guys... I'll have to try them a little more often. I bought this box with 10 different ice dubbing colours and I'm gonna try a whole bunch of different colours. Maybe I can get some fall steel when they start running.
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