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  1. With the season now well open on the Irish loughs i did a few new patterns,these are good ones apparently for srteelheads COCK ROBIN DABBLER RED DABBLER GOLDEN OLIVE DABBLER
  3. While i was at it i decided to tie a fly as a tribute to those heroes and those who perished on 9/11 From all of us in Ireland
  4. hi Rocco i just hold the wires at the end of the hook and wind it in then when i have finished winding in i cut it off and encapsulate the wire with deer creek resin and it stops it coming loose
  5. Hi Guys over here in Ireland we have been having great success with wire bodied salmon and sea trout flies with the different colors of utc wires available we have come up with some great patterns which have worked well on the salmon rivers, so i thought i would share them with you THE GOLDEN OLIVE HOT SPOT MEDICINE PINK LADY PURPLE NASTY
  6. you are right here are the woven ones
  7. Hi Guys last year we were in Montana for the FFF conclave doing a work shop on wire woven flies, this was a great success and we had a great time. Here are a few new patterns we have been developing. These are patterns using UTC wire not only gives the fly extra weight it gives a great profile, hope you enjoy them
  8. Hi Guys Last year i was lucky enough to be invited to Yellowstone Montana to the Conclave. Some of the organisers had heard about my wire woven nymphs and was invited to carry out a workshop at the Holiday Inn. Well we were supposed to be there for 10 days but ended up staying for 17 days, that is how much we enjoyed the people scenery and the food. I started doing these woven nymphs 2 years ago when we were at the Spring fly fair in Newark Nottingham England, i met up with a few old friends Ed Berg Misako Ishimura and Mark Romero. We had been discussing the problems with leaded flies, ie the lead eventually coming through the dubbing and patterns being so bulky,when i had an idea of using Oliver Edwards weaving technique but using UTC wires. It took several goes to get the technique right and a lot longer using different coloured wires but to date there has been 3 patterns that have worked amazingly on the Irish rivers and also on the rivers in the states. We were invited to fish the Madison the firehole and the Gibbon in yellowstone park Gene Kazmerk our guest could not believe the ammount of fish we caught on these nymphs even when there was massive hatches of caddis coming off the water. the three patterns we used to great effect were the red and silver nymph, theteal blue and silver nymph and the best was the black and silver nymph. These patterns are awsome with the weaving for the body you get a slimline he wire is really effective of giving a segmented effect and boy they sink like mad. I now use these for upstream nymphing at the head of pools with incredible effect, and they are just as effective when swung round here is some photos for you yo copy , believe me they work enjoy
  9. Hello guys My name is Lawrence Finney,and i live in Moira County Armagh Northern Ireland. I hope to make aquantances in the fly tying sections. My passion is tying traditional Irish Lough flies. thankfully my better half has allowed me to convert my garage into a fly tying studio so she can now keep tabs on me when i do fly tying classes knowing that i have not scarpered down to the river.l All the best for now Laurie
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