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  1. No Pelhament, If you really start looking back some one already tied the bug, maybe even 300 years ago. All of us voters can tell a well tied fly and most can tell a difficult pattern well done. The spirit I believe of the FTOY is to push your skills and have fun.


    Go for it, I would warn that copying a Day5 fly might have adverse effects. Joking Matt, Joking!



    Also, if Bruce D. brings out a Frog, I can tell you from personal experience, I have not seen better, ever!


    Cheers, Futzer.

  2. FYI on waxy gunk build up, put them in a collander over a steaming pot of water for about 5-10 minutes, close to the water but not in it. Then using a potholder or glove to hold it, run a fine pipe cleaner or quadruple folded over cotton thread through the tube a few times. The gunk comes out easily.


    Cheers, Futzer.

    I prefer do use my weather, seasoned, callused man hands! :headbang:



    Blake, are you old enough to have weather seasoned man hands? :rolleyes: Jeff.

  3. Hi all, I know one service person that will be away from home over the Holidays, and I plan on sending some hooks and tying materials their way, along with a letter of support and thanks. I would like to know if anyone has others that will not be home this year, I can support 10 service people this year with tying stuff and even some tools. If anyone knows someone, please let me know how to contact them and where to mail stuff out. I hope that support of our simple and compact hobby can take their mind off the wars, and being away from family and home, at least for a few minutes.


    Let me know, Cheers, Jeff aka Futzer.

  4. Hi FF76, Let me know a little more about what you are raking. I do a a lot of picking fibers out of a dubbed body, simply with a dubbing needle. Other that that, I have a couple small combs, one marketed for mustasches. a couple dental drills with rough ends, and other odd assorted things over the years, hook side of velcro on a small brass rod etc. With a better idea, I am sure we can come up with cheap and not so cheap ideas.


    Cheers, Futzer.

  5. Kevan is cool with me, and if he names the best flyshop in the world, and in his neighborhood. He will be Futzer approved.


    Cheers, Jeff.


    Ok, I still want some spell/typing/grammar check, but I can over look that for now.



    Futzer, Are you talking about the one that moved from out on the hwy9 wal-mart lot to down on main? I can't remember the name right now???


    Personally i am getting royally sc_____ right at the moment by some bureaucratic moron who keeps opening the reservoirs' spillways up too high...both here and farther up the Arkansas. There was almost no caddis hatch from the water being dropped to 80cfm then up to over 400cfm, back to 120cfm then up and down a few more times during the last 5 weeks...i hope the fish survive. it was over 500cfm yesterday. About 4 times where it should be.


    Might just have to pack-up and head up to the Blue river area if this stupidity doesn't get resolved to a more consistent flow soon...if i find that savant that is pushing the buttons i will break his hands for giggles.



    Hey Dr Vette, hope all is well, hopefully insurance woes are in the past. I was actually seeing if Kevan knew Cutthroat Anglers in Silverthorne, on the blue river, barely North of the outlet mall, ask for Trapper, Chris or Andrew. I have know Trapper for 34 years now.


    Cheers, Jeff.



  6. Flytyer47, you have just told us of the perfect job for tyers. I thought mine was good, fixing cath labs. The C&F marco polo could work, but high end price. the small bag, great, just don't get deer hair in an open wound. The law suit would ruin your day.


    seriously, tie one pattern from your kiddy, keep your tupperware or bag up front. Practice clean patient rules and have a good time. Tying at work is our special place.


    Cheers, Futzer.

  7. Hahahaha Futzer! To answer your question, I was fortunate enough to receive one was a gift and it has become my main bobbin. I would much rather change the switch the thread out of the bobbin so I dont have to switch the bobbin - I love it that much!


    And young man, I have not seen any new patterns posted lately. Oh wait, I have been lax in my duties to the forum, we have had a few Mrs. Futzer health things going of here of late. Hope I didn't miss too much. I will stay late and do my homework catch up.


    Cheers, Jeff.


  8. Oooh OOOh OOOoooh, can I add to this. Salty and Mike know I am a tool enthusiast to the tenth power. C&F bobbins, rock!!! my absolute favorites. As for Dubbing twirler, I like the Dynaking one, the long handle of the C&F, well not my favorite. As for their bobbins I now have 56 of them.


    Remember the one that dies with the most toys wins. Wins what?, heck if I know.


    Cheers, Futzer.

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