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  1. cheesesteaks, hoagies and pretzels wont post too well, but tastycakes certainly would. You other guys don't know what you are missing with from the Tasty Baking Company. Never found a snack cake anywhere that was better. And the variety of baked goods in mind boggling!


    At least there should be as many pubs in Ireland as there are on nearly every other block in Philly. No wonder I had such a misspent youth.


    Hi Ridley, as excited as you sounded, I figured you were hand delivering with the Lear. :-) Cheers, Futzer.


  2. Well played Frank, if I may, I use saddle or two neck hackles to eliminate the short hackle coning in the front. I also might pluck the one white calf hair that is blunt ended. I use Griffs thick as a last head coat to give it the rocket nose cone head smoothness. I have tied thousands of the Royal Wulff's and it is a very very good Western form one.


    Cheers, Futzer.

  3. Thanks for hosting Dezod.


    Futzer I don't know how you can tie flies that small on a regular bases. My eyes were screaming for mercy by the time I finished. I'm still trying to figure out how I managed not to break any of the thread or lose/break any hooks for this swap.



    Hi Rich, I have tied small as small can be for a long time, have been tying 41 yrs. but I can't remember exactly when I went small. The first shop I got excited about was Jim Poor's Anglers All in Littleton, Colorado. Jim tied small, even to 22s. :-). We used nylon thread back then and talk about breakage.


    So, enjoy it, and as always if you have questions we can figure em out.


    Cheers, Futzer.

  4. Hi Seadog, Often it will consist mostly of cotton, so it will absorb water, which will be fine for nymphs. I like the sparkle qualities of synthetic dubbing for my bugs. Also often a mix of long fibers and short ones, which dryer lint is more evenly sized.


    That said, there is no rules against dryer dubbing.


    Have fun, Cheers, Futzer.

  5. I am with Old Hat, I really try to lose the scent. With nymphs I usually rub them with under water moss. My dries are not rubbed but tied as scentless as possible and usually the tippet gets a little pine tree needle rub over. That said, I have accidentally scented a few flies with spilled beer while floating. :rolleyes: I do liberally wash my hands with mud, and lots of fish slime in a dignified and acceptable release fashion.


    Cheers, Futzer


    10 years ago, I would have gotten all uppity and called you a bait fisherman, since then I have calmed down.

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