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  1. Hi Sockeye Guy, Waxed thread is an older method for back when the material would fray, as for now if you use a brand like Uni thread, you do not have to worry about it. I always use fairly fine thread, as for 4 to 4/0 start with 6/0 Uni and see what you think. I am sure there will be many other posts on this one.


    Cheers, Futzer.

  2. Hi Dezod, My bugs should be there today. I included 3 micro san juans for Riddleyffo to chase large suckers with, there is a stamp in the bag with them for added postage to get them from you to him. The spool of Midge thread is for the swapmeister for a job well done. I tied both size 24 gang greens and 32 runt BWOs for everyone. I will PM everyone the recipes this weekend. The hooks, tippet and Trico in 18 to 32 sizes are for the lucky contest champion.


    Good luck swappers! Cheers, Jeff.

  3. Drake is too small for an 18, and without going all latin on you. I find bugs at the river I am working and tie to match it. Streamside inventions have worked well for me. And yes Jan, I do not know many of the Latin names, though I do respect anyone who does. I think I can out fish them though, nothing in nature is preprogrammed.


    Cheers, Jeff.

  4. Holy plane crash Batman, (sorry, smirk). I have hit the wall so many times I could write a book on it. Take some time away, even from fishing. I know blasphemy. Tying is an artisic, creative outlet, and when it is a task, it is not a fun thing. You may find this weird, but go to a favorite fishing spot with really nice scenery and few people, one you have to hike to, and don't take a rod, reel, fly or even a camera; just take in the everything around the area.


    Repeat as necessary, Cheers, Futzer.

  5. Hi Sniksoh, the ideas from JScymczyk and Pelhament are great, Use a dubbing brush spinner to really tighten up the chenille, but get something that is not a cotton bound chenille as it will stretch when wet. Also tightening the chenille will effect the movement in a negative way. Try wrapping the dubbing brush along with some 7X tippet before furling.


    Cheers, Jeff aka Futzer.

  6. Oh, be careful what you wish for, you young tyers are getting very very good, there are going to be hoops to jump through this time. And I am going to make you send a bug in to me too. Am thinking multiple weeks, multiple flies which I will name each week. But that may change. Am thinking in about 3 weeks when my schedule returns to a dull roar, vs all out chaos.


    Cheers, Jeff.

  7. Hey Josh, the South Platte is the double black diamond run of the Colorado area. It has brought seasoned flyfishers to tears, small bugs, wary trout, small leaders, perfect drifts. If you can get West a bit, try the Williams fork, the Colordao up by Parshal, the Blue at fill and spill, or several others . My buddy owns a shop in Silverthorne, they have honest stream flows and hatch info. www.fishcolorado.com. If you are by the shop, Cutthroat Anglers, just past the outlet mall and on the river, stop in and tell them you were sent in by Futzer. Chris most likely will be there. They are good people.


    Again, one pattern, 24 flies or more, each one will get better.


    Cheers, Futzer.

  8. Hi George, Lovely weaves. What Lykos is referring to is on the main forum page, there is the fly pattern database link at the top and the forum column for fly pattern tutorials and step by steps. The fly pattern Database is just that; a sortable permanent pattern database where you post the recipe and photos/material list of your patterns. That way a year from now we can sort easily to tie up some of your mayflies for example.


    The step by step is a main thread for videos, or photo arrays of the tying steps.


    Both are very useful and your patterns certainly are good enough for all to remember and learn to duplicate.


    Hope that helps, and ask any other questions you may have.


    Cheers, Jeff aka Futzer.

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