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  1. Hi Sockeye Guy, You are tying with heavy thread and high tension. I have never had any problem with the C&F designs one, Check out the rite bobbin, I like the tension feature, and it is a economically priced tool with good quality. I personally have trouble with the single arm of the rite, I have tied with a dual arm for so long that it feels odd to me. Bobbins and vices are two tools that I do not scrimp on, you use them a lot, so get what is high quality and will last a long time, and perform well for a long time.


    If you would like to borrow a C&F to try, PM me.


    Cheers, Jeff, aka Futzer.

  2. The only other fish in there are Carp, I suppose the theory of it pretending to die may be a possibility. Futzer, it is in the South Platte (Eleven Mile Canyon) so I'm pretty sure it wasn't the water temp, but maybe your oxygen theory could be accurate because the water flow was fairly low.


    Weird, you are right temp was fine. I have trouble thinking flow was that low. Keep an eye on the area for a larger kill. Maybe a chemical spill or thermal activity, but most likely one of those things that make you go Hmmmm.


    Cheers, Jeff.


  3. Hi Carl, very thoughtful to post such lovely photos, I am going to have to ask for removal of any avatar references to Old, as 20 miles is a young vibrant hike. I have to guess you have your grandfathers Hatt. Teasing aside, thanks!


    Cheers, Jeff.


    Working special micro bugs for that area for you. Futzer.

  4. Don't be too hard Mike, it looks like a famous Hollywood or Las Vegas Nymph pattern to me. Just fish it deep. I try to fish mine with a little more pink highlights.



    Cheers, Jeff.



    If Brian is watching, your still not old enough to attempt these.

  5. PK and all, I am very anxious to see your work, fish it and share mine with you. Craftsmen all, I am really excited over this swap, thanks, Dezod.



    Cheers, Futzer aka Jeff.


    And Bob, if you are ever near Colorado, and the South Platte or the Thompson or the Blue below Dillon Res. , or Henry's Fork in Idaho, or the Provo in Utah, call me. I would be happy to fish with you. Show you how to I cast on my belly, a long way from the pool. Just be prepped to hit the water at 4 am. Aki bono style. And if you want to hook the big suckers, Futzer's micro san Juan, really a blood midge will get you there, I will send a couple.

  6. Welcome Otto, I have a few very very special Italian friends in San Francisco. I would love to see pictures of your flies and places you fish. My friends introduced me to Grappa, and Latte di Suocera. The later having a skull and cross bones on the label. Fine memories. ciao bella.


    Welcome and wish you the best.


    Cheers, Jeff Anthony, aka Futzer.


    BTW, my friends are the Ottobonis. In case you follow football, Vincent Ottoboni was a bronze medal keeper in the Olympics, some time ago. I was his son's roommate in college in Arizona.

  7. I was teasing Fred, the smallest thing I have ever done was a short tied 32 mustad hook or about a 40 ish midge. The eyes are at their limit now especially to fish them.


    And yes it is what you are most comfortable with, there is no perfect absolute method.


    Though I was thinking of sending Fred a empty mini altoids tin and tell him there are a couple dozen Amoebas in there for a giggle.


    :devil: Cheers, Jeff.

  8. That will hunt Blake! Where do you fish mostly? While I have been to Milwaukee many times for work stuff. I have never fished there, all the guys I know there are out on the lake with downriggers and gear. Just curious, good bug.


    Cheers, Jeff aka Futzer.

  9. Hi Andrew, My guess is water temp too high or lack of available oxygen. The trout may have been gulping at the surface to get some O2 vs feeding. I have seen this before in the West when stream flows are too low. There is a small creek near my house and most years now it fish kills in late July or August, just to water the golf courses around here. Go figure.


    Cheers, Futzer.

  10. Big thumbs up Rob! I am still a scissors in hand, and hand whip finish guy mostly, I did take a thread cutter that I got at the fabric store and with a little super glue and a snell knot attached it to the butt end of my martarelli. Seems I am reaching for it on the 28s and smaller now. If that comes apart I will steal your idea.


    Cheers, Jeff.

  11. My ears were burnin' Futzers in!!!!!


    If I get real crazy, I will do #32 double humpies. Kidding aside. I would be honored to participate. Thanks for thinking of me Dezod and Salty, and just to sweeten the pot I will send hooks and some 8X fluorocarbon, for the lucky winner (excluding myself from the contest portion). Utyer, or anyone participating anything special you'd like to see tied? I will tie something suggested. Fred, you may want to join this one, 32's will catch panfish, we just need to get you a 0 or 1 weight


    Thanks Salty for PMing me, I have been working like a madman and have not been keeping up with the forum lately. I sure hope someone is fishing, I need some stories.



    Cheers, Jeff aka Futzer.

    Caught sight of this kinda late . If you guys do this again I want in.



    PS . Jeff can you send me some 64 s . Someone just ordered an ameba.LOL


    What color amoeba do you want Fred? :-) Cheers, Jeff.

  12. Ok good, C&F owes me some royalities I think. At least bobbins for life :-). A lot of the time on tiny bugs I am pinching the spool vs where your fingers normally grab, and then just the bobbin weight is enough tension on the thread. I may have some substandard Uni Trico, it is splitting on me. I am tying the swap flies with sheer. Can't wait to see the micro parade.


    Cheers, Jeff.

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