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  1. Hi Kevin, A dexterious young man with good eyesight and keen fingers will have no trouble learning to tie micro, if you want. Thread control and material control takes practice, but once you get the hang of it a 16 will seem massive. PM me a address and I will send you a couple micro flies as I am tying many for the Itsy Bitsy swap. And for all the others I owe a couple bugs too, the kitchen remodel is nearly done, maybe 10 more days, and I have 2 days off next week and plan on tying my brains out.


    Cheers, Jeff. aka Futzer.

  2. Summary, Willowhead was banished from our forum. Full dress salmon flies are very very very technical. Rocky, Ross, Mike, Jan, anyone I forgot, ties great flies and has great respect for like crafted members. Keep things constructive as possible. Have fun. In this venue, we all tie, we all fish, and we all are a family with common grounds. If you want to get full on feedback, just mention that in the fly post. Any new young tyer out there, do not fear posting your work, we all are happy to help, mentor and answer your questions.


    Hope the ripples settle a bit. Cheers, Jeff.

  3. Hey SaltyD, Old skool Klipschorns, with a Klipsch RC62 center, rear M&K's and a push pull M&K 15" dual sub, and all my puters have Klipsch media pro's. My head phones are etymonics too. If I could only win the lottery. :rolleyes:

    Now where did we leave that thread on what you listen too while you tie? Like the Clash, or Pink Floyd.

    Cheers, Jeff.

  4. Hello Marc! the TMC 518 size 32 is the smallest readily available hook today. Some micro tyers modify the shank to get even smaller. I do tie a few that I call navel lint and string things that are half shank on the 518s. The navel lint fly is grey muskrat dubbing with a super fine copper wire rib and the string thing is a white tying thread wrapped hook. Both are 1.1mm in length and I fish them in Western Tailwaters such as the Blue river below Dillon res. in Colorado. Now back a few years, mustad hooks came down to a 24 size, but was smaller than the 518s 32 in gap, and about the same lenght shank. I like the 518's cause you can hook and land fish with it, the gap is fairly large for a micro hook. I am sure there are others on the forum with even more hook info, maybe even someone that makes their own micro hooks. I am anxious to hear any comments.


    I will go look at your friends stuff now. Wow, just looked, he is highly accomplished, thanks for the heads up.


    Cheers, Jeff. aka Futzer.

  5. Hello Livefly, and welcome back. Just to your east is Montana, just head a little south and there is more water than a man can fish in a lifetime. I would guide you to a near by decent fly shop to hang out at, maybe demo a few vices to see what you like in one. Little has really changed in your absense, the vices are still shiny and more expensive than 25 yrs ago. Feel free to post any questions, the forum is full of feedback, help, and fun. Oh, and there is nothing wrong with 16 inch cutty's.


    Cheers, Futzer.

  6. Hi Mike, at first read of your post I misunderstood your suggestion. I do think that if you post a fly in the tying bench area, and you want serious feedback, just mention it in the post. I know here that the feedback is generally respectful, rarely malicous, and comes from vast expert experiences of the members. So good luck with the salmon flies, and check out feathersMC.com where the good stuff is.


    Cheers, Jeff.

  7. Hi Mike, be warned. The classic forum members are the best articulate experts there are for Salmon flies; trouble is the nurturing qualities of this forum are nil. I do not post there unless I am supporting a new tyer and that tyer needs to be taken seriously to get better. I have always loved the serious nature of full dress salmon flies, and I do tie some. I am not impressed with many comments and feedback from that site.


    Enough said, Cheers, Jeff. aka Futzer


  8. Have no fears Ridleyffo, the Futzer's meat whistles are sure to please, plenty of action, and long lasting. Can be used over and over again in the same outing. Just take care with the Gamakatsu's they are sharp sharp hooks. Take great care while stroking back the marabou on the MW's, we don't want to bring the pain.


    Cheers, Jeff.


    And they are actually tied for Brown trout, a more sparse variant than the bass meatwhistle. A little less flash. Splat Rip Rip Wham!


    I pmed out the recipe to all swappers, let me know if you got it. Thanks, Jeff.

  9. thanks for the offers guys, they are very generous. I can always look at the midge jaws from giffin. I really need them anyway. And I just love stimulating the economy. Currently Ive been having fun having my wife hold the #30s in her teeth. :rolleyes:


    The new magnifier will come in handy although it took some getting used to this weekend when I finished up my droppers for the tandem swap.



    Where do you clamp your Mckensie light? Better yet, don't say. Mrs. Ridleyffo must be a real trooper. I think I am going to go Trico for my fly. Right now sitting in the Hampton Inn in Grand Junction, CO. The Colorado is only 20 min away, the Grand Mesa, a hour. Do I have a rod, of course not. Maybe time to go full goose trout bum. Especially after seeing Dronlee's adventure in Mongolia, this work thing is way over rated.


    Anxious to tie some micro bugs.


    Cheers, Futzer.


    BTW, Ridleyffo, I hand tie my snells, so the bobbin threader is still a unitasker.

  10. I use mostly uni 6/0 and 8/0 on all my flies. Every now and then the thread comes out of the bobbin a little frayed. I don't know if it's the thread or somthing in the bobbin. Is there a way to check the inside of the bobbin? They are all ceramic tipped.




    Hi Jeremy I have nicked ceramic tubes, 3 of them. It took thousands of flies to do this, esp. if you use kevlar thread. Try cleaning it with a pipe cleaner, or I also heat up some boiling water and just dip the ceramic into it for a few seconds then shake it out in the sink. Don't run cold water on the hot ceramic, it might crack. Watch for hot goop in tiny bits. More than likely it will need replacement. I have not nicked a C&F bobbin yet.


    Cheers, Futzer.


  11. Mike, I like the new C&F but are they really worth the 45.00 for one?



    Hi, Jeremy. A friend is going to loan me one so I can try them out before buying. After I use them a few days, I'll let you know what I think.





    Hi Jeremy, I have 20 or so C&F bobbins, and just love them. The tension stays good for a long time. They are machined right where you pinch them, for great control. I have even run over the tube with my chain wheel against concrete and it did not break. Fred turned me on to the Rite bobbin, and is it very nice, less expensive, and the tension adjustment is a very good idea. After 41 years tying though, I just could not get used to the single arm.


    Cheers, Futzer.


    Futzer, thanks for the info. Did you find some where to get a better price or is the place I saw them ripping me off? They were like 45.00. I didn't see them at my normal shop. The place I saw them sells everything.




    When the first came out I was still tying commercially and got 18 on a wholesale order through my buddies shop, the rest I got retail. I have never seen them less than full retail, but maybe Ebay. They were made by 3M, but that C&F line was sold. I believe to Rio, but that is unconfirmed. If you do find a cheaper source, let us know.


    Cheers, Jeff.


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