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  1. I am not familiar with the McKensie, but the AK best vice had a real bad issue with the jaws fracturing. They are no longer made. Cheers, Futzer.
  2. I used to suck, but with the C&F bobbins, there is a piece of foam at the end to keep the thread from falling back out. So it requires a threader. If you pinch I piece of 5X with a flat plier it will work good too. That was a during trip fix, for a forgotten threader. And I take it Smalliefanatic does not use any 14/0 or smaller :-) Cheers, Futzer.
  3. Hi, Jeremy. A friend is going to loan me one so I can try them out before buying. After I use them a few days, I'll let you know what I think. Mike Hi Jeremy, I have 20 or so C&F bobbins, and just love them. The tension stays good for a long time. They are machined right where you pinch them, for great control. I have even run over the tube with my chair wheel against concrete and it did not break. Fred turned me on to the Rite bobbin, and is it very nice, less expensive, and the tension adjustment is a very good idea. After 41 years tying though, I just could not get used to the single arm. Cheers, Futzer.
  4. Utyer, you are a master in my book, I am really looking forward to the micro fly swap. I certainly will put your fly in my collection to be admired. Cheers, Jeff.
  5. How about a brace of Grey Wulff's for my buddy Roby.... Yes finally. Cheers, Futzer.
  6. Safety tip, don't turn your back on PCS, he has a knife and likes spilled blood. Just kidding. Welcome, Cheers, Futzer.
  7. You'd probably think less about work when you see your flies, that is if you stopped tying while driving. Kidding, really. Cheers, Futzer. Welcome back.
  8. Splat, rip, rip, wham. Cheers, Futzer.
  9. We do have a warped sense of Humor! Cheer, Futzer.
  10. Nice first post Marc, I have been using the fly lipps on many of my standard streamers and nymphs to add wiggle. I think it helps. As for the bait fisherman avatar, Will Smallie Hunter has secretly devised a thread scanner to scan each members true fishing intentions. Sorry, you came up as a worm man. Only joking, as you post more it will magically change. Cheers, Futzer.
  11. Hey Rich, I am sure yours are going to be great, and pushing yourself to new territory is an honorable endeavor. I am not quite sure I can pull this off, but I will attempt to tie a pattern in 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, and 32 for the lucky best fly winner. Time is my only enemy on that. I would love to do that for all swap participants, but alas I have little time and a few other fly comitments, I have owed Brian a full dress salmon fly since December, and Bruce D and Dart a stone fly nymph, Chance, I need to send dries too, Salty I owe, Roby I owe, my buddy up in Canada with Togen hooks, I owe. SO time to get tying big!!!! Please forgive my tardiness, I have averaged 70 hour weeks, since May. Cheers, Jeff, aka Futzer. PS. Ridleyffo, if you have any vice issues, I will happily loan you my Dynaking Pro, just PM. Much respect and bring it on, Jeff
  12. Good sites already sent, but if you get into winged wets or full dress salmon flies, take a look at FeathersMC.com Cheers, Futzer.
  13. Well While Dezod is chasing steelies, I am warming up. Utyer let me know what you think of the Gang Green, it is a 26. Next to it is my runt baetis size 32, parachute. Both are biot bodies. Enjoy, I probably will do something better for the 32 for the swap. Cheers, Jeff
  14. Don't forget Secret "service" Floyd. Cheers Futzer.
  15. Steve is not human, but a really nice guy. Good for him. Cheers, Futzer.
  16. I wanna be Capt Matt when I grow up. :-) Like Fred, If I get the opportunity, I stick it out. I have quit on a thunderstorm day when I was drawing a small arch from my reel when I wound it. I have stayed out in hail the size of large marbles. I have never fished Salt in a wind more than 10 mph and with a big rod that is not problem. Mostly in the mountains if it gets windy I switch from the 3 wt to the 4wt. I have to giggle double hauling a 3wt. Cheers, Futzer.
  17. Welcome Phil, wipe off the dust and you go, man. Cheers, Futzer.
  18. Hey Firebug, good creativity, may I suggest some closed cell foam in there for bulk and boyancy. Cheers, Futzer.
  19. Hi CheyAnne, Start with Troutnut.com and this http://www.troutnut.com/hatch/1015/Stonefl...a-Golden-Stones and also check the complete book of Western Hatches by Rick Hafele and Dave Hughes, Page 114 to start. Unfortunately the photos are B/W. Cheers, Jeff.
  20. If all else fails in the hunt, go synthetic, Fly tyers dungeon has some good colors and add some gold flash to it. Cheers, Futzer.
  21. Taimen, Dronlee, I would love to fish for Taimen one day. I have one friend from Colorado that did about 10 years ago. He hooked 3 and landed one of about 50 inches in length, the other 2 were supposedly much larger. Post pictures if you ever get one. Cheers, Jeff.
  22. Good Fish Karma Mike, Nice water too. Cheers, Futzer.
  23. Funky Deeky, and in a good way. Reminds me of the Alien movies with Sigourney Weaver. Just needs a like drop of mouth spit. Cheers, Futzer.
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