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  1. Size 18 scud hook, red uni thread all the way down hook shank, tie in a strand of danville's mylar tinsel (rainbow color/see through). This is what i wrapped the body with and it's magic, you can see the natural look of a ribbed body as a result of wrapping. It's almost see through, so the red thread shows through, but it's also a pink iridescent shimmer in different lighting. Looks great in the water. Finish the head with a bit of red antron dubbing against the clear plastic beadhead. The last thing i do after whip finishing head is to cover the whole body with a coat of "Hard as Nails".
  2. This fly is killer as a dropper on the eastern oregon streams i fish. Simple tie, but spectacular results dropped from a pheasant tail.
  3. This is a CDC pheasant tail nymph/emerger size 14
  4. http://www.thefishguy.net/hooks.htm Absolutely the best hooks for the price............don't let the "cheapness" scare you away. I've compared his Kobe brand hooks to diachi's and their incredible.....the fish guy is top notch. Oh by the way i have no affiliation with him or his website, just a very very satisfied customer. I landed over 12 steelhead during spring break with his hooks ranging from size 12 nymph to size 8 4x egg sucking leeches. He's got great prices on bead heads of all sizes as well. Give his hooks a shot. http://www.thefishguy.net/hooks.htm
  5. Fantastic photos...............I especially like the most recent one. What camera and lens setup are you using. I'm just a new comer to the high end cameras and have been looking at getting a nikon d80 or the likes? Looks like you have a nice set up would be interested in more details, thanks and great photos.
  6. I received my Christmas box from FTD this morning. I am completely surprised at the quality and quantity of materials. He sure did stuff the box with materials, excellent products and great color selection for what i tie. This is my first experience shopping at the fly tyier's dungeon and won't be my last. Anyone yet to try his stuff, should not hesitate..................how about that skeeter fuzz and baby bug wrap :yahoo: Merry Christmas in deed, thanks flytyiersdungeon.
  7. http://www.thefishguy.net/hooks.htm Try these, they are Kobe' but seem to me as quality as the diachi that i've used before. Seem more quality than mustad and they are just as cheap. By the way i have no affiliation with the fish guy or his website, i just heard about this guy from theflytier'sdungeon.com He also has great beads at awesome price as well, check out the website www.thefishguy.net
  8. You can always add a bit of finger nail polish remover. Thats what i did to thin out the bottle of hard as nails that i've been using. Seemed to work great, just pour a little in the original hard as nails bottle, put lid on and shake, simple as that.
  9. Hey everyone, Just wanted to give a quick intro............I have been fly fishing for ten years(i'm 25). My wife has gotten into fly fishing the past year since we've been married.(She loves it). This site is incredible for me because i just started tying in the last month. I really love to nymph fish so i've been tying various nymph patterns of which i modify or alter to suit my needs. What a great feeling catching fish on patterns that you tie and design(thats a new feeling for me). I've been lurking for a few weeks, finally decided to post an intro. I now live in Eastern Wa, but when my wife graduates from nursing school in the spring 09 we plan on moving to western montana. Take care, Austin :headbang:
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