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  1. used to post over there awhile back. ya man thats cool If the river is fishable I am usually out there fishin!! can't wait for the rivers to drop and get good so I can fish for some steelies!
  2. white sucker spawns do work good! I am gonna be tying some up but I have like 5 or so already tied from last season. will have to tie up that ripple crush fly. just searched it heres a link. any colors you recommend? http://www.anglerschoiceflies.com/ripplecrush.jpg http://www.leroyflytying.com/store/index.p...roducts_id=1030
  3. haha! ya man I agree they look so real! figures I get mad bites on all the top patterns I posted above just not the most realistic glue eggs ever!! what is wrong with that picture? lol. thats why I added egg veil to it. maybe it will help. if not maybe add krystal flash to the back as a tail along with the egg veil? keep ya posted. river is flooded now but weathers warmer now cause it was frozen a week or so ago so this is a great sign of spring coming! this flood will bring the fish into spawn! post pix if I get some!
  4. made some oregon cheese glue eggs last season and tried them out but didn't get a bite even tho they match steel eggs to a tee! well now that I got that milky egg veil I added some to the glue eggs I like the results! will see if this will entice the steel to eat them. keep ya posted if I catch a steelie on them and heres the pix!
  5. weathers warming up some and river is thawing and flooding as we speak. got tying for some steelhead! tying my single eggs now. I tied some estaz eggs in orange, pearl and pink then tied my glo eggs in Orange, Clown, Oregon cheese, Pink Chartreuse and egg with a cherise glo dot. will start on suck spawn and meth spawns then tie some stoneflies. post soon.
  6. thanks man! for the emerald shiner I just use olive top and white bottom. have caught steelies that way 2! also caught some on red/white and my cousin on blue/white. I have them in all colors. I just buy a couple variety bucktail packs one regular and one flouro to get most of the colors and I got white and olive in the big whole bucktails. thanks for the video! great vid! you should make more to teach people how to tie!
  7. hey nice fly! ever catch anything on it?
  8. made a few of these clousers in some rainbow trout colors I thought up and caught me 2 steelies on it! some say one of the steel was actually a coho? heres the pix! just use olive/pink/and white bucktail and beadchain eyes with some chartruese and pearl flash for lateral line!
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