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  1. Hello Fred, Very nice !!! :bugeyes:
  2. Hello Paul, Your fly is very realistic...very nice ! :bugeyes:
  3. Hello, Your work is very nice... :eek: Congratulations ! :clapping:
  4. The flies are incredible :bugeyes: His work is impressive... it is a big artist ! And art has no valuable limit... it is a question of sensibility
  5. Hello my friends, I find the flies presented on this forum magnificent… I am admiring of your creativity and techniques used … :eek: I consider the realistic fly tying as " an Art " without rule or each expresses its creativity! And even, if most of these flies will never catch fishes, I think that it is maybe useful to keep the hook because it gives a real identity to this art and differentiate it from the classic model making. However, I respect and understand the point of view of Andrés … Because I think also these various opinions give wealth to this passion
  6. Hello Terrome, Beautiful work, I found legs very successful :bugeyes:
  7. hello Andres, I like it ! congratulations...colors are nice
  8. Hi Andres, Very realistic ! It's a great work...
  9. Hello Fred, Very nice...great work
  10. Hi, Very nice fly, great job...
  11. Hi, It's very nice...I like it !
  12. Hi, I wish you a happy birthday too... :cheers:
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