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  1. How do those of you who own a rotary vise use the rotary feature? What types of things are more easily done with the rotary vise? What things could not be done without the rotary feature? Any real cool things? Do you half-hitch before using the rotary feature? Even though I just started fly tying recently, I ended up with two vises, a Danvise and a Griffin Superior 2A. I bought the Danvise first, but I couldn't pass up the Griffin for the price (it had been sitting on the shelf for a while). So far, I haven't been able to find anything about how to use the rotary feature on any rotary vise, Danvise or otherwise, so I ordered a DVD from Al Beatty (Rotary Tying Techniques). It seems that if I'm not going to use the rotary feature, I'd be better off with the simplicity of the Griffin. I'm thinking I might even sell the Danvise, but I'd like to know more about how I might benefit from using a rotary vise before doing something rash like putting it on Ebay.
  2. I have been having a little bit of a problem finding straight eye hooks for tying Clousers locally. I could just use Streamer hooks, but most of the recipes I have found call for a straight eye such as the Mustad 3406/3407 or 3366 (which I can't even find for sale mail-order), etc. Is there any down-side for just using bent-eye streamer hooks? Also, I found some stainless circle hooks that look a lot like the 3407. Has anyone tried circle hooks for Clousers?
  3. I am putting together a beginners kit for fly tying. I am wondering how much difference, if any, my selection of tools might make, with respect to brand name, etc. I am going to start off with just a few tools in addition to my vise. I bought a DanVise. I will probably be tying mostly larger flies. I will do some small stream/creek trout fishing, but a lot of the ties will be used for smallies, largemouth, panfish and larger trout, etc. I am assuming that a ceramic bobbin is the way to go. Should I buy the bass/salt-water size or standard size? What brands are best? Griffin? Tiemco? Is brand that important? What scissors? I'd like to buy locally. There are no fly shops here per se, but some of the sporting goods stores carry some supplies. I've not found any sales people at these stores who know very much. I've found Anvil and Dr. Slick, and lots of inexpensive scissors. The Dr. Slick are the $10-$12 models. The Anvil are twice as much. The others run $5-$7. Is there any reason to buy a Matarelli brand whip finisher? Are the other brands that look like it just as good? How about hackle pliers? I've read quite a few comments that none of them are any good. Do I need a rotating hackle pliers if I have a rotating vise? I am assuming any bodkin or bobbin threaders would be adequate. Agree? Disagree? I decided to do this because I am going through too many Clousers, and it doesn't look like they should be too hard to tie... AND I have been interested in doing it for a long time. I plan to take some lessons... but my wife wants some ideas for Christmas presents from the kids, so I'd like to give her some specific ideas. Thanks!
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