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  1. What type of Photoshop do you use? Nice little creek you got there. Tim
  2. Those are some crazy big flies Kodiak, do they work for the halibut? Have you used them.
  3. Would you have any pictures of the flys you would use for the chasing butt..?
  4. Haha yeah, halibut on a fly rod with the conventional fly gear..that would be a challenge. I will have to try that also someday later on in life. Have a good day Kodiak
  5. Thanks alot Kodiak..Ive been watching some videos on YouTube about muskie fishing it looks pretty fun, Ill have to try it someday. For now Ill have to learn the way of FLYFISHING. We do a lot of halibut fishing out of Whittier and Ive used casting rods for the reds and silvers around here but wanted to try something differend and more challenging. Anyways thanks again Tim
  6. Very gorgeous fly..but not as gorgeous and your new baby girl..right?? ha congradulations I just had a baby girl also on the 19th of September and shes already a handfull..but I love her to death
  7. Hello, Thanks to everyone on your input, and Kodiak are you in Alaska? Im from Eagle River just north of Anchorage. I just want to know a few other things, some more noob questions. I want to thank you all for your reel and line recomendations I'll be shopping around for some this weekend. Now onto the line part, some things I dont get, how do I get the line to sink down on a floating line? Do I go from backing - floating line - leader - sinktip - weighted fly? Thanks Tim
  8. Hey all, Im a beginner and i would like to know a few things..it doesnt matter the price unless its over $200.00 i want to get a reel that will handle some sockeye ranging from 5-8 lbs. and some coho from 8-12 lbs., also what kind of line do i use i will be fishing mostly streams with medium moving currents that are about 2-3 feet deep for the sockeye and about 4-10 feet deep for the silvers..thanks to everyone hope that was enough information..oh yeah i just got a new rod its a loomis 8wt 9ft..thanks again
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