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  1. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Smokeytrout: Royal Kipmeister
  2. Thanks for all your hard work Will. Tremendous talent on this site. Jerod
  3. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Smokeytrout: Soggy Beetle
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Smokeytrout: COP (copper over peacock) Prince
  5. Congrats BC, all are great looking bass bugs.
  6. Nice pattern! Gonna have to try this for large mayflies.
  7. Looking for opinions on the ODC 915 toon. Anyone ever fished from one or own one? Would be used by me on western rivers and lakes. Thanks!
  8. Very nice looking fly! What head cement are you using? Would like to get some of that.
  9. Gary Lafontaine developed a whole series floating bugs for lake fishing. He fished them with a heavy sinking shooting head and short leader, letting the sinking line drag on the bottom kicking up bugs and silt. In my limited lake fishing I have used this method a couple of times while bass fishing with very good sucess using Lafontaines floating damsel, minnow, and leech. Check out his two excellent books Trout Flies Proven Patterns or Flyfishing the Mountain Lakes to read about his technique and the flies.
  10. Buying cheap hooks when I first started out. Eagle claw hooks, kept breaking on my at the vise and while fishing.
  11. I primarily fish spring creeks and other high pressure rivers out west I absolutely believe fly line color can affect your fishing. Using a brightly colored line doesn't mean you won't catch fish but you do catch less at least out here. I have in the past owned an Orange SA Distance Taper and White Wulff Triangle taper and tried using them with much less sucess fishing the same bugs during the same hatches. Pretty much only use olive, gray, mist green and clear fly lines now. Either way casting any colored line over fish will spook them quite often especially if you false cast over fish and sprays of water come off your line; I always try to false cast off to the side. On the Williamson River out here in Southern Oregon just about everyone I see has gone to using clear intermediates for fishing streamers and nymphs.
  12. I have owned the Chota Abrams Creek stocking foot waders for 2 years now with zero problems, was $125 when I bought them. I am rough on waders and these have been the best breathables I have ever owned. Best waders I have seen for the price by far. Check out the Chota website they have their high end waders in a couple sizes for 1/2 off right now. Also can't beat their wading boots, very durable, lightweight and great ankle support. I own the STL+ with screw in cleats. Jerod
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