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  1. I certainly have no problem waiting for a while longer. Have a good one Pat Carroll
  2. Iwould be more than content to stay fairly close to home, and enjoy one of my favorite drives,heading north of Bishop, California and head into the High Sierras. The fantastic scenery of the snowy peaks. the seemingly endless places to fish, and after a great day of fishing wherever, I would head up into the Lee Vining entrance into the fabulous drive into the high country of Yosemite Park. To make it a totally special day, I must leave my self enough time to end up in Yosemite Valley at late evening and enjoy my favorite hike of the valley , with the sounds and sights of the falls, deer grazing in the meadows, watching the approaching moon lighting the awesome splendor Yosemite has to offer. Of course, I must have my wife of many years with me enjoying what is truly one of our favorite gems.A new view of Half Dome ain't too bad, either. Come to think of it, this is a dream we often keep wanting to relive. We have been fortunate to visit Yosemite many, many times and nothing beats , late evening with a full moon,and enjoying Mother Nature at her best. Thanks for allowing me to remember what dreaming and life is about. We are blessed. Have a good one Pat Carroll
  3. I have been visiting this site on a daily basis since September, 2003, my original number was 95, and I just noticed I am now number 17471 ( the reformat put me in a new category). Its hard to believe how great a job Will has done putting this fly tying site together. Its really been a ' HOME AWAY FROM HOME" for me. Most of my time is spent checking out the swaps, the lodge and the fly tying bench. I have had a lot of dialog with fly tyers thru the swaps,and occasionally add a comment or two with other posts. The friendly atmosphere and the willingness of the tyers to offer good suggestions and ideas is definitely special, and the nice thing age, experience and skill level isn't an issue. I'm an old timer, been tying flies off and on for quite a few years, big disadvantage is I am self taught, so my talent is borderline bad. I , like many others have a vast amount of material, but that's the nature of this hobby we love and share. Lately , I can't get away from tying with foam, especially gurglers. I fish very little, but the local pond, 57 steps from my front porch, gives me some bass and gill action. Will, I appreciate the professional way you have handled this site, I don't know where you have the time. Since September 2003," you have come a long way ,baby!! ' Your appeal for support most definitely needs to be honored and thanks for an awesome job. Have a good one Pat Carroll
  4. Since I don't fish a lot, I strive to make a good fly. I definitely don't tie when I'm in a hurry, in my case , haste makes waste. I don't tie very well, but I have fun. Have a good one Pat Carroll
  5. Steeler fan here since the fifties!!! Steelers 24 the CARDS 17. A lot of great flies- black and gold. Have a good one Pat Carroll
  6. My favorite is the gurgler, I use a lot of different colors of foam and can mix up the different colors of materials, with good results. Have a good one Pat Carroll
  7. I have the Orvis book ,as well. I agree with the others, a lot of good information. Your wife did fine. Have a good one Pat Carroll
  8. Justin My flies are completed and tagged. Wll be shipped out in a couple days. Thanks for hosting, you do a great job. Have a good one Pat Carroll
  9. I definitely would want to send some flies, when you have the time send the necessary information. Have a good one Pat Carroll
  10. Opened my Santa gift. Thank you Dr. Vette, outstanding job with the flies. Merry Christmas to you and to all the tyers. Awesome swap, again Have a great holiday season to all Pat Carroll
  11. Bob Dylan, John Fogerty, Bruce Springsteen especially some good ol' bluegrass. Have a good one Pat Carroll
  12. My package arrived today, and I'm anxious to open it. Thanks for the great swap, outstanding job. Here's wishing a Merry Christmas to all and have a great holiday. Have a good one Pat Carroll
  13. I would definitely be interested in getting it up and running again, lets see if the other tyers are up to it. Hopefully we get some responses, if not I can try to contact the original tyers and go from there. This has been too good of a swap to sit idle. Have a good one Pat Carroll
  14. pick When you have time, please send the address. Don't the mountains in southern Calif. look awesome with all the snow? Have a good one Pat Carroll
  15. I never received any response from bassturd, hope all is well with him. This really has been a great swap, and keep hoping that something happens to get it up and running again. The 'mystery box" had a few miles going back and forth thru the country. Have a good one Pat Carroll
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