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  1. already a member here since oct 08, but kinda got out of fly fishing and tying with the purchase of my house. Been working on it for 2 good years, and almost got the remodel done. Got back into fishing and tying, so I wanted to stop back by. Looking forward to doing some swaps again, and becoming a better tyer. Anyway see ya around. Zak
  2. I see, no hurry here. Family always comes first. guess I have not been reading many post on this site. Sorry about your mom Frank.
  3. So what happened to this swap. moved the date. have not been around much, just wondering.
  4. Got mine a few days ago. All look great. Thanks
  5. KRD

    How Old Are You

    25 here, but turn 26 in a few months. I think atleast here in southern arizona there are quite a few yongster that FF. i even got a few started, and help with things like casting.
  6. KRD

    Cleanup Begins

    bur....glad I live in southern arizona. I am not very fond of the white stuff.
  7. KRD

    bug at lake

    I will try to take another pic. I just can't seem to get a non blurry pic of it. The location would me Mt. Graham, AZ. It is in SE AZ elevation 5000'
  8. KRD

    bug at lake

    I don't know if you can help me as I don't think I can get a good picture of it. At a local trout lake one mourning there were tons of these very small bugs on the water and the bank. Green back, green wings, and a orange belly. They were really small, like if I was to tie one it would be on a #18-22 hook. I did snag a few and brought them home with me. I can see if I can get a few good pics.
  9. Flies will be in the mail monday or tuesday.
  10. Got my package, they are all tied up. Should be heading your way monday or tuesday.
  11. KRD


    Still waiting for my order from J stockard. Yes I am impatient. Anyway, I do hear you about the quality aspect of picking out the material, but I have no complaints about Cabela's. I bought a fly reel in Jan of 08 and it broke 2 days ago. I don't the the reciept, but they are taking it back and replacing it no questions asked. I really do like there service. I have had thngs arrive broken, I just call and a new one is in the mail that day.
  12. Should get mine out soon, just waiting on my order from J Stockard. As soon as I get it, they will be sent the next day.
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